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Digital Case


These forms are primarily for content that will require the attention of the staff of Digital Library Programs as there is a Self-Service Submission form available to Case Faculty and Staff to meet end-user submission needs.

A list of forms and a brief description follows:

  • Deposit Agreement Form -- A necessary legal formality to ensure that the depositor has the right to deposit the item in question and that the terms of any material contributed are fully understood.
  • Deposit Agreement Form for Speakers -- A necessary legal formality to ensure that a speaker agrees to have the content of his or her audio or video recording made available through Digital Case.
  • Deposit Description Form -- Encourages the depositor to describe the asset being contributed as thoroughly as possible: will assist in the creation of metadata for the object and ensure that Digital Case patrons can find your asset.
  • Digital Case Project Proposal Form (DC-PPF1) -- If you would are unsure if your materials are approprite for Digital Case, or have concerns regarding the time and cost factors involved in contributing content, please use these guidelines to better articulate your project so that the Digital Libray Programs Team can assist you in determining the appriateness or feasibility of your project.
  • Digital Library Projects Workflow -- Demonstrates a possible flow of work for a project in Digital Case. This is by no means an entrenched approach to how a Digital Library Project would be carried out, but it is a heuristic.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the Team Lead, Digital Learning and Scholarship, Roger Zender, by email; or by calling 216-368-5637.

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