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Digital Case

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Digital Case Reporting

The following reports represent the current approach to quantifying the usage of Digital Case. Below you will find a dictonary of terms. Suggestions for additional reports or features should be directed to

Click on the blue buttons for to run the report. Images to the left are a "preview". Reports can take upwards of 30 seconds to generate.

Usage Stats MGMT
Usage Stats by Management Center displays the number of page views of objects based on their ownership.


usage collections 2
Usage Stats by Content Type displays the number of page views broken down by collections and objects.


Content Analysis
Content Analysis reports display the number of objects owned by management center, by department and by contributor.

Query Stats
Query Stats reports display page views of objects broken down by query, by subject and by referrer.

ARL Stats
ARL stats reports display the number of collections in Digital Case, page views of objects and number of queries conducted over a given period.

** NOTE: Webcrawler hits are not counted from Digital Case reporting page .

Dictionary of Terms:

A grouping of related objects. A collection is the primary way to organize content in Digital Case. A collection may contain any number of objects or collections, but not both. Click here to see an example of a collection.

The person responsible for depositing the object into Digital Case

Format represents the manifestation of the object, whether it is an image, text, audio file, video file, etc.

Management Center:
Each contributor is assoicated with a department and a management center, we identify a management center by tracking the contributor's case_id.

An object in digital case is used to express a single document, image, electronic book, datasets, metadata or many other types of entities. Click here to see an example of an object.

Page View:
A page that has been viewed 1 time by 1 visitor.

Page Views of a Collection:
Page views from a collection includes views on the browse collections page, the browse objects page, the collection detail page, the datastream listing page as well as the datastreamdetail page.

The website location (URL) by which someone accessed Digital Case

A query is a user initiated search in Digital Case.

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