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Special Collections Exhibitions ‌

The following exhibits are free and open to the public during regular business hours.

"The Alice Project"
Location: KSL Art Gallery (1st floor) and throughout the library

Last year, students of the Cleveland Institute of Art’s Illustration Department were inspired by a local book collector's exceptional collection of illustrated Lewis Carroll books. The resulting project was a book, Alice, which contains new illustrations to Lewis Carroll’s works by the students. Prints of the students’ work are displayed in the gallery, and additional student works can be found on display throughout the library.

"Science Fiction & Fantasy"
Location: KSL Art Gallery (1st floor)

Kelvin Smith Library holds an incredibly rich collection that includes pulp serials and novels, fanzines, and first editions from the most respected authors in the genres. The collection has been built by several generous donors over the past forty years, including Francis Barry Keefe, Robert Plank, and Richard K. Wiersba. With a nod to the roots of fan culture on campus, the display also includes images of CWRU people and events that serve as inspiration to the creators of fictional realms.

"The Giving Tradition"
Location: Hatch Reading Room (2nd floor)

The rare book collection of a research university nearly two centuries old is the product of many minds. Scholars, librarians, collectors, and dedicated faculty have all played key parts in creating Case Western Reserve University’s special collections. The Giving Tradition highlights the contributions of a range of individuals and organizations whose books and documents have come together across time and location to form much of the Kelvin Smith Library rare book collection. Click here to explore the exhibit online.


For more information, contact KSLspecialcollections@case.edu.




"Acknowledging the Past, Forging the Future"

National Colloquium on Library Special Collections ‌


October 21-22, 2014 at Kelvin Smith Library ‌
Registration is now open!
Click here for more information


Join the conversation! Mark your calendar for a national colloquium to explore the factors that have governed the growth and use of special collections of the past, as well as the current and emerging challenges for special collections in the future. Digitization has created a greater emphasis on increasing exposure and access to special collections, but despite these efforts, many special collections are not yet fully discovered. Your participation in this colloquium will help acknowledge the historic strengths of special collections of the past and chart a course for the next decade and beyond!

The colloquium webpage will be continuously updated with the latest information.



For additional information about events at KSL, please call 216.368.2992 or email KSLadministration@case.edu.

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The notation "Siegal" in the online catalog refers to the Aaron Garber Library of the Siegal College of Judaic Studies at 26500 Shaker Blvd. Cleveland OH 44122. The Aaron Garber Library is the academic library of the College and the central library of the Cleveland Jewish community. It includes 30,000 volumes, plus periodicals, language tapes, music and text CDs in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. The Library's electronic catalog is part of the online library system managed by Case Western Reserve University, and is included in OhioLINK, the statewide electronic academic catalog system. Online borrowing privileges are reserved for students registered at Siegal College. Community members are welcome to browse the catalog, visit the Garber Library and borrow materials.

For further information, contact by email, or call 216-464-4050 x131 or 132.

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