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Whether or not you're new to Case, if you haven't been in the Kelvin Smith Library lately, you'll notice a lot of changes! Since the Spring 2011 initiatives and pilot projects were announced, we've continued to focus on improving the research, learning and social environment within the Library. Creative new ideas are changing the spaces and places in KSL. Come in and enjoy them!

New Spaces for Students to Work Together

When you need to do active work in your group, try out the new KSL Collaboration Stations. Formerly the Group Study Rooms and now redesigned with lots of new technology, your learning together can be much more active now.

Work together and  hook up your laptop to wall-mounted  42" LED TV so your project can be seen by everyone in your group. A wall-panel control unit lets you hook up for HDMI, VDA, and composite ports. When you stop at the KSL Main Service Desk with your group to check out a room key, you can borrow the cable to hook up your laptop. Older laptops will work well with the VGA cable. 

Collaboration Stations are on the 3rd floor and Lower Level, and have whiteboards so you can take notes  or get creative while your other work is on the monitor. Whatever your group work style, the newly refurbished spaces are sure to spark new energy and work. Check one out today!



A Look at the Past – A New Gallery Exhibit

A new collaborative venture brings an artful touch to the Kelvin Smith Library, with a collection of framed works from the Library of the Western Reserve Historical Society. On a one-year loan to KSL, the artworks highlight the people, places, and politics of Cleveland, along with a glimpse into the city's architectural and industrial history.

Come into the library and look to the far left wall, towards the Freedman Center, for the new exhibit area. Explore and enjoy the details and notes of the complimentary online gallery. From a 1929 Green Marmon to the 1945 Walker and Weeks rendering of Tomlinson Hall, this exhibit from our museum neighbor is sure to enrich your view of life in Cleveland.


What's On That Wall? Get Closer to Your Data... 

Visualization Wall KSL is changing activity and research space on the main floor as the new visualization wall arrives, the first of its kind on the CWRU campus. Over a two-week period in mid-September IT is installing it along the wall in the Clapp Reading Room, the bay window area along the back wall of the Freedman Center.

Come in the library and walk towards the left to see the large-format stereo projections wall with twenty-one 32" monitors. Picture your data on screens (seven across & three high) with densely packed pixels that display high levels of image detail and resolution. The new visualization wall will enable researchers to understand complex data in a side-by-side environment, or to similarly compare different datasets at the same time. You'll be able to do collaborative research gathered around the screens, or stand back at a distance to see it all with a different visual perspective. 

Plan to discover new ways to interact with data, on the KSL visualization wall. Come in and watch as the installation develops!

Enjoy Your Computer Work with New Furniture

Furniture Furniture changes this year have focused on maximizing some of KSL's best features, such as the spacious environment and light-filled areas. We've removed the tall cubicles on the 1st and 2nd floors to give you expanded vistas  and more light as you choose a place to meet friends or study.

Now you also can take advantage of good sight-lines and comfort while you work on a computer in KSL. New computer pods can seat four people in new, adjustable task chairs. The large tables are connected with low panels, and every person faces a different direction so you can concentrate on your screen. Plug in your laptop or device to charge it and get on the Case network, and work while you enjoy looking across the space to the windows and campus, and nearby activities inside KSL.

Computer pods were installed on the main floor during the last two weeks of August, and you can see one of the first students taking advantage of a new seat. Stop in and see the additional computing spaces on the 2nd floor, as well as the large study tables that were on the first floor. Enjoy the new flexibility and workspace that the new furniture offers, as well as the familiar large study tables so you can spread out and read for as long as you like!

CSGD On the Move...

KSL also brings you more convenience when you use the Center for Statistics and Geospatial Data (CSGD) because we've moved it to the 1st floor, inside the Freedman Center. The new space will offer more staff assistance, space, and hours  when you need to print a research poster or use mapping software.

Explore the new home of the CSGD, and find out more about the move and what it will mean for your work when you have data that you'd like to map or enhance with visuals.  Stop in and browse the books in the CSGD and learn more about Geocaching, ArcGIS,  GIS for Urban Environments, Principles of Map Design, and more. Transform your data, with expertise from the CSGD.

Find Your Way...

A new fall semester brings new signs, and we'd like to know if it helps you find new spaces at KSL. The Student Redesign Competition in Spring 2011 highlighted things about finding your way in the library. KSL is  large building with an unusual shape, and we hope our new sign samples make it easier to locate where the computers are and where certain rooms are, among other things. 


Looking for a really quiet room to study in during the day? Now the large sign on the 2nd floor should make it easier to find the Special Collections Reading Room. Find the Dampeer Room when you have a SAGES class or a meeting in there, and know where to go to meet someone in the Faculty-Graduate Student Research Commons.

At the base of the staircase we have descriptions and samples of the types of things the new signs will feature to make finding your way easier at KSL. All the new signs are digital mockups, so the colors and surfaces will change, but we're interested in hearing from you now if you like the new look and the information help they bring to the library!

Watch This Space...

Come often, and see what else KSL has planned for you this year! 

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