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Job Title: Associate Director for Academic Engagement

Job Description:


The Associate Director for Academic Engagement is responsible for providing intellectual and programmatic leadership for the research services team, the acquisitions and metadata services team, and the access and delivery team. With direct management responsibility, including recruitment, appointment, evaluation, and budget authority for these teams. The associate director will also play a lead role in library-wide planning and evaluation and in setting the library’s strategic directions that engage students and faculty, and enables global access to Kelvin Smith Library’s scholarly work.



  1. Serve as a key strategic officer responsible for defining, driving, and administering all academic engagement. Provide innovative and creative leadership in assessment, planning, administration, and resource allocation of operations. Foster a culture that encourages innovation and collaboration to shape the future of scholarly research by overseeing the integration and coordination of the teams, and defines requirements for new or emerging content types. Lead teams to review and identify effective work processes, change management, and initiatives that enhance academic engagement. (20%)
  2. Provide leadership for the research services team, including: (a) collection management, coordinating and developing strategies for the effective and efficient evaluation, selection, and de-selection of information resources to meet the needs of the academic community; (b) research assistance for faculty and students, enhancing the user experience and performing service evaluations; (c) information fluency instruction, including partnering with faculty to provide a high-quality instructional experience for undergraduate and graduate students; and, (d) departmental engagement activities and services, communicating service changes, outreach activities, and the development of strategies, resources, and materials to advance the curriculum and scholarly research. Strengthen faculty engagement to support and market services related to faculty research and student learning. Actively oversee library programs that promote dynamic and interesting information literacy programs, and that respond to the changing research environment. Support research services librarians through the creation and analysis of data relating to collections activities, including selection, circulation, usage, and budget management to enable evidence-based collection management and effectively steward university financial resources for content. (20%)
  3. Provide leadership for the acquisitions and metadata services team, including the development and deployment of efficient and effective policies and procedures for the acquisition of and creation of content resources; the creation of descriptive metadata for library content; and the management of electronic resources and government documents. Manage acquisition of print and electronic monographs, serials, and media materials (including ordering, invoicing, and fund expenditure tracking). Manage vendor relations and performance, and ensure effective financial oversight. Monitor information industry trends. Ensure effective creation of and adherence to all cataloging and metadata standards. Ensure quick and accurate creation of bibliographic and associated records. Consult (as needed) with faculty, staff, and campus and community partners as appropriate on a variety of metadata and information organization and access needs. (20%)
  4. Provide leadership for the access and delivery team, including the development and deployment of efficient and effective policies and procedures for the provision of general information and circulation services at the Library Service Center; staff training and development programs; stack management; off-site storage; copyright compliance for interlibrary loan and OhioLINK materials; and, supervise mail and supply room operations related to OhioLINK and interlibrary loan. Ensure high quality client services and work practices, including monitoring, evaluating and assisting with implementation of new technologies. Implement new products and services relevant to the management of the Service Center and materials handling. Manage the provision of effective resource sharing services through interlibrary loan, OhioLINK, and other providers. Manage related copyright compliance and inform the campus community about such issues as it relates to resource sharing. (20%)
  5. Oversee reporting in support of the library's ongoing assessment efforts. Prepare an annual budget estimates for the management of the division, and an annual report, including a statistical summary of division performance, and other reports as requested. (15%)



Lead and collaborate on appropriate internal research projects. (5%)



Responsible for supervising team leaders, exempt staff and non-exempt staff, student employees, and temporary full or part-time workers. Recruits, hires, supervises, and evaluates team leaders of the division and participates in the recruitment process for filling vacant positions at all other levels in the organization.



Experience: 8 to 10 years of relevant experience.

Education: Master’s degree in a relevant discipline, and a successful record of continuing education (demonstrated through activities such as obtaining an additional advanced degree, completion of advanced courses in areas relevant to one's academic specialization, or participation in continuing education programs, such as seminars, workshops, lectures, or conferences).


  1. Ability to exercise the highest level of professional judgment; evidence of longstanding leadership; contributions to a climate supportive of diversity; significant contributions that advanced the services of a library and of university goals; a career-long record of professional accomplishments; the ability to administer highly complex or specialized duties; the ability to synthesize and adapt general management theories and practices, and anticipate and plan for library-wide work (including the design and evaluation of policies, services and programs).
  2. Must possess the requisite general education, experience and expertise to administer the areas of operations within the scope of the position.
  3. Demonstrated critical analysis and applied knowledge of and about: scholarly research and communications; information technologies; learning systems and strategies; information policy and intellectual property rights; qualitative and quantitative research methods; effective communication skills; information discovery systems; effective collaboration with others; conflict management; trends in research, learning theories, instructional methods, and service assessment; strategic and tactical planning; budgeting; and, human resource management.
  4. Record of substantial professional contributions through service in professional organizations, and through scholarly contributions (such as publications and presentations at the nationally or international levels).
  5. Considerable knowledge of current issues and technology trends in academic libraries relevant to the position.
  6. Demonstrated ability to secure resources needed and to serve as a strong advocate to accomplish the mission of the library.
  7. Demonstrated success in human resources management, including the ability to engage staff in improvement and change.
  8. Proficiency in project management, with the demonstrated ability to initiate, facilitate, conclude, and evaluate projects with efficiency and effectiveness.
  9. Effective skills in fiscal management, including planning and controlling budgets, managing existing financial resources, and creating and maximizing sources of funding.
  10. Strong technical skills related to the areas of operation under the purview of the position.



Application information is available at http://bit.ly/2heYadj (Job ID 6403)

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