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Karen Oye

Department: Academic Engagement Services > Research Services

Title: Research Services Librarian

Email: karen.oye@case.edu

Phone: 216-368-5309


I began my career here in Cleveland at the NASA Lewis Research Center (now renamed NASA Glenn at Lewis Field), in the main library. I worked on projects from Headquarters, wrote the 50 year anniversary history of the Lewis Library, and began my graduate studies while employed there as a contractor. Working in a research environment and being supported by the contract and civil service librarians helped to shape my professional career, as did a vastly new resource. The internet for the general public emerged during that time and I developed a collection to support the center, investigated then-new online ways to do our research, and did special business projects for the division and Center administrations.

I came to a new customer services position at the Kelvin Smith Library in the spring of 1996 and oversaw the move of the former libraries' collections and services into one new model, and instituted new online services and took others paperless with new advances in technology and software like ILLiad, implemented 24x7 service at KSL, and worked  to increase KSL visibility on campus via the library facebook and blog, and by working with various student and campus groups.

Case is one of the founding members of the OhioLINK academic consortium, and I've represented the university on the InterCampus Services Committee for 15 years, with an appointment as Chair for 2 years in 2007-2008. During that time, my goal was to dramatically reduce interlibrary loan paper article delivery amongst the 89 members and help them to do that by a series of statewide learning sessions. By 2012, 69 OhioLINK members used Odyssey for electronic article delivery, and around the world over 555 libraries use Odyssey for electronic resource sharing.

After working with the Office of General Counsel on e-reserves copyright statements, further discussions with them led to my working on a copyright statement that in 2003 became the new university copyright compliance policy. Copyright@Case on the KSL homepage hosts the policy plus helpful pages that serve as general awareness for our community. 

I've been invited to speak and present at local, state, national and international conferences on customer services in libraries, ILLiad resource sharing, and copyright. More recently, I incorporate new interest in scholarly publishing and Open Access environments into copyright awareness, with a new focus on author's rights. 

Currently at KSL, I'm the liaison for the Weatherhead School of Management, providing research and collection services for the faculty, staff, and students of the school. I teach classes through the Career Offices, in faculty classrooms upon invitation, hold Lunch 'n Learn sessions through WSOM IT for general awareness of research resources at Case, and partner with colleagues to bring business research to related fields like science entrepreneurship programs. Research Librarians at KSL are now focusing on experimenting with new technologies to bring our expertise online so they can be used as needed, anywhere-anytime.

My primary professional association is the Special Libraries Association (SLA), as a member of the Leadership and the Business & Finance divisions, and former President of the Cleveland SLA chapter. Since joining Case, I've also maintained a membership in the American Library Association (ALA) in the Leadership and Management Association, Reference and User Services Association, and the Business Reference Services Section.


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The notation "Siegal" in the online catalog refers to the Aaron Garber Library of the Siegal College of Judaic Studies at 26500 Shaker Blvd. Cleveland OH 44122. The Aaron Garber Library is the academic library of the College and the central library of the Cleveland Jewish community. It includes 30,000 volumes, plus periodicals, language tapes, music and text CDs in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. The Library's electronic catalog is part of the online library system managed by Case Western Reserve University, and is included in OhioLINK, the statewide electronic academic catalog system. Online borrowing privileges are reserved for students registered at Siegal College. Community members are welcome to browse the catalog, visit the Garber Library and borrow materials.

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