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Kelvin Smith Library Disaster Plan

In-House Emergency Supplies

Updated 3/2008

The majority of the following supplies are kept in the Kelvin Smith Library's Retrospective Research Collections Center (RRCC) at the Cedar Avenue Service Center:
10620 Cedar Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
FAX 216-368-6673
HOURS: M-F 1:00PM - 4:00PM

Currently, card access to storage is available through Ron Chambers, Sharon Gravious and Mike Yeager during normal hours. Tim Robson, Gail Reese and Karen Oye have 24 hour card access to Storage. Access to the RRCC facility is also available 24/7 through Campus Security, 368-3333

Most supplies are along the left wall in a locked plastic cabinet as you enter the stack area from the office. Ron Chambers has keys to the supply cabinet and copies are also in Preservation and in Gina Midlik's office. Additional milk crates are along the far right wall as you enter the stack area. Some supplies are kept at KSL. The supplies are available for response to a small disaster or for the initial stages of a large scale disaster.

Call Case Plant Services (368-2580) if additional supplies are needed!

If Plant Sevices can not immediately provide needed supplies, refer to this plan's Off-Site Emergency Supplies section for listings of local off-site emergency supply providers.

Buckets [with wringers] 1 (RRCC), 1 (KSL Pres. Dept.)
Drop Cloths, plastic 14 (RRCC), 2 (KSL Pres. Dept.)
Extension Cords, heavy duty 100 foot= 1 (RRCC), 1 (KSL Pres. Dept.)
50 foot= 1 (RRCC)
Fans 3 (KSL Pres. Dept.)
Flashlights with batteries 2 (RRCC), 2 (KSL Pres. Dept.)
Garbage Cans (plastic, with wheels) 3 (RRCC)
Garbage Bags, heavy-duty 1 pkg of 30 (RRCC)
Hoses, rubber 4 (RRCC)
Milk Crates 227 small, 7 large (RRCC)
Mops, cotton string 3 (RRCC), 1 (KSL Pres. Dept.)
Sponges 4 (RRCC), 1 (KSL Pres. Dept.)

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The notation "Siegal" in the online catalog refers to the Aaron Garber Library of the Siegal College of Judaic Studies at 26500 Shaker Blvd. Cleveland OH 44122. The Aaron Garber Library is the academic library of the College and the central library of the Cleveland Jewish community. It includes 30,000 volumes, plus periodicals, language tapes, music and text CDs in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. The Library's electronic catalog is part of the online library system managed by Case Western Reserve University, and is included in OhioLINK, the statewide electronic academic catalog system. Online borrowing privileges are reserved for students registered at Siegal College. Community members are welcome to browse the catalog, visit the Garber Library and borrow materials.

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