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Kelvin Smith Library Disaster Plan

Disaster Salvage Priorities
Kulis Music Library/Hayden Hall(First Floor)

(updated 12/2016)

The following Music Library collections and library records are listed in priority order --from top priority to lowest priority. Disaster salvage should proceed accordingly.


  • Location: These items are located in a locked case/closet on the west wall of room 104 to the right facing the circualtion desk. Keys are the same keys that open the Music Library. They are available through Jeffery Quick and Mark Eddy; a copy of the key is are also kept at KSL's Administration office and in the Access Services safe in the sort room; Access Services staff have access to the safe.

2. THE REFERENCE COLLECTIONS (includes monumental sets and series)

  • Locations: North-West end of library (Room 102). Facing the circulation desk turn right and it is the second door on the right. Books are on shelving units throughout the room. The contents of the entire room should be salvaged. Also, one shelving unit outside room 102 to the right of the circulation desk when entering the library.


  • Location: Facing the circulation desk it is the big room to the left (east). Most materials are on 2 large ranges of shelving that take up most of the room.

Circulationg Book Collection:  Entire first shelving unit when entering the room;  also a small unit in the South West corner of the same   room .

Scores:  Same room, First portion of 2nd range of shelving units ( SouthEast) Are in the back of the same room toward the right when entering (southeast part of stacks).

        Miniature Scores: Same room, middle of the 2nd range of shelving units, between the scores and the (bouund and current) periodicals. 


  • Location:Facing the circulation desk it is the room to the left. When entering the room make a right. The collection is in a cabinet near the windows (southeast corner).


  • A.Bound Periodicals and Periodicals Indexes

Location: Facing the circulation desk it is the room to the left. Periodicals are in the back of the room toward the left (northeast corner)

  • B.Current Periodicals

Location: On the north wall towards the east side of the Circulating Collections area.


Location: Facing the circulation desk go to the furthest door to the right (west) i.e. the listening room. Once inside this room go to the room on the left.

Priority Order:

  • A.Compact Discs

Location: To the left along the north wall and on row of stacks down the middle of the room.

  • B. Videos

Location: To the right along the north wall.

  • C. Long-Playing (LP) Records

Location: Along the south wall.



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