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Kelvin Smith Library Disaster Plan

Checklist of Information Related to a Library Disaster Recovery

Updated 3-2008

Keys and Card Access:

  • 24 hours a day - Security (368-3333) has all keys and card access for all of Kelvin Smith Library including restricted areas.

  • Master Keys to the University are available at the Key Shop, Cedar Avenue Service Center, 10620 Cedar Avenue

    Contacts: John Armstrong (Manager), Kevin Thomson (216) 368-4366. Kevin Thomson can also be contacted after hours at (216) 942-6285.

  • The Administrative Office: Gina Midlik, Joanne Eustis, Gail Reese and Tim Robson have master keys to Kelvin Smith Library. Marel Corredor-Hyland, Diane Marmash and Patrick McCafferty have limited keys to the library.

  • The Astronomy Library:Bill Claspy has keys to the Astronomy Library as do all faculty in the Astronomy Department.

  • Special Collections: Sue Hanson, Mary Burns, Gail Reese, Gina Midlik, Tim Robson, Eleanor Blackman and Joanne Eustis have keypad codes, card access, and keys to KSL Special Collections. To enter the Special Collections area, a code is punched in a keypad (to the right when facing the door) to disarm the department. In an emergency this does not need to happen, but if the department is not disarmed an alarm will sound. Card access is used to open this door. To enter Sue Hanson's office and the 2nd floor vault (within the Special Collections area), a key must be used which opens both the office and the vault doors. To enter the Special Collections lower level stacks: Card access only is used to open the lower level door.

  • Retrospective Research Collections Center (RRCC): Ronald Chambers, Chris Thornton, and Sharon Gravius currently have card and keypad access to RRCC. 24 hour access is available from Security, located at the same building as RRCC.

Emergency Funds:

In the event of a disaster requiring funding for recovery supplies and services, contact Laura Corrigan (368-4394) and she will set up one insurance account to pay for everything needed related to the disaster recovery. Approval must be obtained for each charge.

Small amounts of cash (under $100) are available in the Kelvin Smith Library Administrative Office petty cash fund. The Controllers Office can be contacted to increase the amount in the petty cash fund; contact Tia Richardson (368-2126). In an emergency, express checks can be issued from the Accounts Payable Office on campus with the approval of Virginia Leitch (368-4350), Office of Planning, Budget and Institutional Research.


  • In-House Emergency Supplies Accessible and in Working Condition?
    Frequency of Inspection: Annually
    Last Inspection Date: March, 2008
    Individual(s) in charge of Inspection: Preservation Dept. staff

  • Fire Extinguishers (Type ABC) Examined and Operable?
    Frequency of Inspection: Yearly.
    Last Inspection Date: November, 2007
    Individual(s) in charge of Inspection: (Preservation Dept. to make sure inspections by company are repeated annually.) Last inspected by Gene Ptacek & Son Fire Equipment Co., Inc. (216) 651-8300

  • Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors Operable?
    Frequency of Testing: Twice Yearly
    Last Test Dates:
    KSL-June 29, 2007 and December 14, 2007
    Astronomy Library-
    Music Library-

    Individual(s) in charge of testing: Campus Security, Mike Arnoni (368-8655); Simplex Time Recorder Company (tests alarm panel only)

  • Fire Drills
    Frequency of Testing: 2 times each year (not required by law)
    Last Fire Drill:
    KSL- 1999
    Astronomy Library- 1999
    Music Library- 1999

    Individual(s) in charge of drills: Campus Security, Brian Hurd (368-3333) (to be scheduled by Marel Correndor-Hyland)

  • Elevators Tested
    Frequency of testing: Once a year
    Last test date: August 28, 2007 (safety tested)
    Individual(s)in charge of testing: Plant Services, George Nowicki (368-2917)

  • Sprinkler Systems Tested
    Frequency of Testing:
    Last test date: November 7, 2007
    Individual(s) in charge of testing: Brian Hurd, Plant Services, (368-2580)
All Staff Demo on Disaster Response, Location of Fire Alarms, Extinguishers, Weather Shelters, and Evacuation Routes

Frequency of demo: At time of Hire
Individual(s) in charge of demo: Preservation Department staff

Analysis and Update of Insurance Coverage

Frequency of update: Yearly
Last update and persons responsible for update:
KSL -September, 2007 (T. Robson)
KSL Special Collections-September, 2007 (S. Hanson)
KSL Library Storage-September, 2007 (T. Robson)
Kulas Music Library- September, 2007 (S. Toombs)
Astronomy Library- September, 2007 (T. Robson)

Review and Update Of University Library Disaster Plan

Frequency of update: Yearly
Last update: March, 2008
Individual in charge of update: Head, Preservation Department (S. Gubkin)

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