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Kelvin Smith Library Disaster Plan

Staff Telephone Contacts

Updated 4/2008

In the event a disaster strikes the library initiate the following telephone contacts to inform staff:

The individual(s) who discover(s) a disaster situation should call the people listed at the head of the first five categories which are asterisked below, who will in turn notify the people on their list. These people are then responsible for calling staff in their respective departments.

Initial contacts (Starred and Bolded)

*University Librarian: Joanne Eustis

  • Tim Robson
  • E. Gail Reese
  • Gina Midlik
  • Catherine Wells

*Deputy Director Digital Library Initiatives: Tim Robson

  • Sharlane Gubkin
  • Thomas Hayes
  • Nathan Lambert
  • Arlene Sievers-Hill
  • Chris Thornton
  • Richard Wisneski

*Associate Director Collections and Personnel: Gail Reese

  • Earnestine Adeyemon
  • Marel Corredor-Hyland
  • Sharon Gravius
  • Sue Hanson
  • Jill Tatem
  • Karen Thornton
  • Stephen Toombs

*Assistant Director for Public Services: Catherine Wells

  • Brian Gray
  • Karen Oye
  • Janet Klein
  • Ann Vander Schrier

*Special Assistant to the University Librarian: Gina Midlik

  • Agnes Hargrove
  • Patrick McCafferty
Subsequent contacts (Bolded)

Nathan Lambert

  • Eric Coopey
  • Siva Krishnamurthy
  • Mike Yeager
  • Roger Zender
  • Jin Zhang

Patrick McCafferty

  • Diane Marmash

Brian Gray

  • Bill Claspy
  • Mark Eddy

Sharlane Gubkin

  • Ellen Strong

Thomas Hayes

  • Jared Bendis
  • Virginia Dressler
  • Tina Oestreich

Karen Oye

  • Suzanne Laffey
  • Carl Mariani

Christopher Thornton

  • Robin Cornelious

Karen Thornton

  • Cheryl Burden

Stephen Toombs

  • Jeffrey Quick

Sharon Gravious

  • Ron Chambers

Sue Hanson

  • Nora Blackman

Arlene Sievers-Hill

  • Carolyn Kelly
  • Ella Shurr

Janet Klein

  • Tony Gholson
  • Brian Hanna
  • Crystal Hester
  • Cheryl Seme
  • Angela Sloan

Jill Tatem

  • Helen Conger

Richard Wisneski

  • Mary Burns
  • Patricia Butts
  • Michelle Chambers
  • Linda Hassik
  • Ramna Wesdemiotis

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