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KSL Room Reservation Policy

On a space-available basis, the Kelvin Smith Library supports the instructional needs of the University through providing flexible spaces that can be used for classes, meetings, and other scheduled events. Please read all of the policy sections below to learn more about reserving a space.


  • Events in the classrooms are scheduled and coordinated by Library Administration.
  • Based upon availability, classrooms may be scheduled for training, web-based demonstrations, library/information literacy instruction, film viewing and other uses deemed appropriate by Library Administration.
  • Classrooms cannot be reserved for non-CWRU or unsupervised student groups.

Use of Rooms

  • Classrooms may be reserved by faculty or staff for purposes listed above. Faculty or a named designee must be present for use of any equipment within the classrooms. In general, students and student groups may not reserve rooms.
  • Food and drinks are permitted in the classrooms, All catering must be approved in advance and confirmed by Library Administration. Room setup and catering delivery & pickup must be included in the room reservation’s requested times. Generally, one-half hour is allotted between any class or meeting using the same space. To support reservations following your event, any catering pickups must occur within one-half hour before the next scheduled use of the room.
  • Cleanup and Room Setup are the responsibility of the Sponsoring Department in whose name the room is scheduled, including ensuring the room is cleaned-up and left in the condition it was found upon arrival, i.e., removal of all catering, cleaning of whiteboards, and proper disposal of trash. In classrooms, the furniture is mobile and has no standard setup for furniture. However, if, in the sole discretion of KSL, the room has been left in disarray, the Sponsoring Department will be charged a room setup fee.

Room Setup & Equipment

  • Classroom 215 is an Active Collaboration Room (ACR) designed for telepresence/videoconferencing capability, including a telepresence screen and cameras, an interactive smart board, and a projection system. The room has a separate a section designed as classroom or conference space with a video projection system with touch screen controls, instructor laptop, VCR/DVD units, mondopad, SMART Board, and mobile whiteboard. All chairs are mobile, and the tables on the classroom/conference side can be rearranged as needed. Telepresence tables are not mobile, and seating is designed for 15 people. Including the classroom/conference section seating, the room can expand to a maximum of 27.
  • Classrooms LL06 A, B & C are technology enhanced flipped classrooms. The entire space can be converted from one large room into two or three individual rooms. Furniture in these classrooms is mobile and can be arranged as needed. When dividing walls are closed, they can be used as whiteboards (using special markers), as magnetic boards, or to display flip charts. Seating capacity for each subdivided space is 16-18 per room, with a total of 75+ when configured as a single room. Also available for any room are VCR/DVD units and portable telepresence/videoconferencing capability.
    • LL06 C has a built-in video projector with touch screen controls, instructor laptop, and wireless microphone.
    • LL06 A and LL06 B have mondopads.
  • Classroom LL01 is a Level 1 Technology Enhanced Classroom. This classroom has a built-in video projection system with control panel, the ability to connect a laptop to the system, available VCR/DVD unit, a whiteboard, and a monodpad for videoconferencing capability. Furniture in this classroom is mobile and can be arranged as needed. Seating capacity is limited to 12-15 students plus instructor.
  • The Dampeer Room is generally reserved for library-use only. Any requests for use of this room, as well as to hold events in either the Clapp Reading Room on the first floor or the O’Neill Reading Room on the second floor must be approved by the Associate Provost and University Librarian. The library reserves the right to refuse approval of these rooms depending upon other scheduling and room use needs. If approved, additional requirements for the Sponsoring Department may be required.
  • Mobile laptop carts can be reserved for hands-on instruction. There are two carts available, with a total of 16 laptops per cart. In addition, KSL has a laptop self-checkout kiosk on the 1st floor from which students can checkout laptops (6 Macs and 6 PCs).
  • Please note your additional technical needs on the form. Any additional equipment requirements are the responsibility of the group reserving the classroom. Specific software requirements should be noted on the reservation form and all requests for software downloads must be approved by the KSL Technology Team Support personnel.


  • Library Administration staff will make arrangements with CWRU Security to deactivate the door alarm for entry into the classroom.
  • Rooms are scheduled to unlock one-half hour before the requested start time of the reservation. If any additional time is needed, please note that in your start and end times.

Reservation Process

  • Library Administration reserves the right to pre-empt all existing reservations if there is a change in the schedule and the rooms are needed for another library function. We will do our best to provide alternative accommodations.
  • To request a room, please fill out the online reservation form. A confirmation will be sent within 48 hours to the contact person listed on the form.

Any questions/comments, please contact the Library Administration at (216) 368-2992 or email kslroomres@case.edu.

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