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Policy Statement Regarding Fair Use of Copyrighted Works for Education, Teaching, and Research

In supporting education and research at Case Western Reserve University, Kelvin Smith Library respects intellectual property and strives to comply at all times with United States copyright law.

Copyright policies and standards, fair use, distance learning initiatives and digital environments are issues that affect all of us in the educational arena. Copyright law protects authors, publishers, and the public, also providing exemptions for general use without permission, under certain circumstances. Kelvin Smith Library upholds copyright law and fair use policies in the academic environment.

To see how copyright affects faculty, the library, and Course Reserves services, please read our Course Reserves page at Kelvin Smith Library for our Copyright Compliance Statement—Use of Copyrighted Works in KSL Reserves. Kelvin Smith Library keeps abreast of copyright news and offers information to faculty about a variety of copyright issues, the permissions process, and more to aid Case users in reaching responsible decisions. Additionally, faculty who logon to the KSL Course Reserves service see  links on their  main page for  a public domain chart and for the Case Copyright Compliance Policy. Copyright awareness classes are available through CaseLearns, held in KSL or at your own venue where it is tailored to your department needs. 

Kelvin Smith Library hopes that members of the Case community find these resources helpful and will take the time to become familiar with important legal requirements that affect your individual liability. More information about university copyright is available on Copyright @Case, including the university's Copyright Compliance Policy.

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What and Where is Siegal?

The notation "Siegal" in the online catalog refers to the Aaron Garber Library of the Siegal College of Judaic Studies at 26500 Shaker Blvd. Cleveland OH 44122. The Aaron Garber Library is the academic library of the College and the central library of the Cleveland Jewish community. It includes 30,000 volumes, plus periodicals, language tapes, music and text CDs in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. The Library's electronic catalog is part of the online library system managed by Case Western Reserve University, and is included in OhioLINK, the statewide electronic academic catalog system. Online borrowing privileges are reserved for students registered at Siegal College. Community members are welcome to browse the catalog, visit the Garber Library and borrow materials.

For further information, contact by email, or call 216-464-4050 x131 or 132.

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