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Accomplishments: KSL Strategic Plan 2011-2014

The KSL Strategic Plan: 2015-2018 builds upon many significant achievements regarding the goals of the last plan, some of which are listed below. 


Accomplishments: KSL Strategic Plan 2011-2014 

  • To better understand and meet CWRU community interests and needs, the Research Services Librarians [RSLs] substantially increased their engagement and relationship management with individual faculty and their departments.
  • To expand the availability of scholarly content, we: (1) maintained a strong advocacy campaign to inform the University community about significant deficiencies in our financial ability to procure essential library content (journals, books, etc.); (2) launched Summon to improve discovery of library content; (3) implemented demand driven acquisitions; (4) implemented the recommendations of the faculty Acquisition and Retention of Library Materials Task Force to increase in the number of monographs held in the KSL open stacks, and implemented a flexible and responsive budget allocation formula; (5) began work with an external business to locate a shared high density storage facility in University Circle, and (6) became a member of the HathiTrust (a partnership of academic libraries offering millions of book titles digitized from libraries around the world).
  • To expand the scope and services of the library special collections, we: (1) acquired the archives of both the Cleveland Play House and Ernst & Young; (2) held a highly successful and well-received national colloquium on the past, present, and future of special collections; and (3) significantly increased the number of classes we held to expand the use of special collections.
  • To deploy a digital learning and research strategy, we: (1) undertook a partial redesign of the Freedman Center (including relocation of GIS and statistical data consulting in the Center); (2) secured a $1M donor gift to expand Freedman Center services; (3) redesigned Digital Case infrastructure and access, and (4) issued a white paper and call for participation to outline and advance our plans for digital scholarship services. 
  • To increase student fluency in knowledge discovery and processing, we implemented a Personal Librarian program to advance the retention of first-year students, and convened the first national conference on personal librarian and first-year student experience programs.
  • To reinvigorate KSL as a physical and virtual destination for faculty, students and staff, we: (1) opened a library café; (2) conducted a student competition and implemented recommendations to redesign the library main service floor, including rezoning services and installing signage throughout the building; (3) replaced all seating on all floors; (4) replaced tables on the first and second floors; (5) created more flexible study arrangements; (6) installed an art gallery on the first floor and hanging exhibits throughout the building to make the building more inviting; (7) worked with Cleveland Public Library to improve the leisure reading area; and (8) improved the Archives reading room to make it more inviting and functional.
  • To build a KSL Development Program, we: hired a full-time development officer, established major gift priorities and goals, created persuasive case statements, and implemented a systematic program to cultivate potential donors.  Thus far, $10.1 million has been raised of the $15 million goal established for KSL within the University Capital Campaign. 

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