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KSL Strategic Plan: 2015-2018

Enduring Goals.

As with the last strategic plan (2011-2014), a major underlying principle of this new Plan is to highlight objectives that represent new or substantially redirected activities for KSL. Our enduring goals (as shown in the graphic to the right) reinforce the value of the library to the University community. Regarding one point, i.e., strong scholarly information resources, we must redouble our efforts to obtain sufficient funding for content because we made insufficient progress during the last planning period, and we continued to lose ground against our peers.

Current and Emerging Issues.

Using the goals of the University strategic plan as our starting point, this new plan is organized around three broad areas: (1) research; (2) learning; and (3) shared and collaborative services. The following outlines some challenges and opportunities of our environment.   

Research: Content.  Scholarly content (e.g., journals, books) is the basic tool for research in all disciplines.  An academic research library that cannot purchase sufficient content is simply not a library. Costs continued to rise rapidly at levels that were unsustainable at current budget levels.  For faculty and students to achieve research breakthroughs, and to ensure effective University recruitment and retention, we must have adequate content available. While OhioLINK will continue to be a vital content provider, its funding and programs also are under strain and they are decreasingly able to meet the deep research needs of a comprehensive university such as CWRU.
     High quality services can partially offset, but not replace, the ready availability of critical content. In fact, as content sources expand, the process of information discovery becomes more complex. The library must provide both more content and more staff to manage the content and to make the environment understandable. To do so, CWRU must create a cycle of renewed investment for content and services at a level commensurate with our AAU peer research-intensive institutions.
     KSL has an invaluable content asset in our uniquely held Special Collections and Archives. We must increase access and usability if we are to extend the impact of these resources in scholarly research and learning. By accelerating our efforts we can advance knowledge discovery on campus and enhance the reputation of the University by making our content available globally.

Research: Digital Scholarship. 
Content is an essential – but not our sole – funding need. The library budget must also accommodate continuous development of our facilities, services, and technology infrastructure. A welcoming library facility is a critical recruitment and retention tool for the University, and it must be maintained at a level that students expect at a highly selective private university. For the library to be a burgeoning center for active and collaborative learning, we must build upon the significant advances over the past few years in redefining library spaces and services to meet student learning needs and accommodate the expectations of each new class of students.

Shared and Collaborative Services.  KSL is dedicated to being a model partner on campus. We must continue to work cross-institutionally with other service providers (including the other CWRU libraries and other campus and University Circle organizations) to deliver high quality services, minimize the service gaps and redundancies that increase overhead costs, and significantly improve student experiences and faculty productivity.

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What and Where is Siegal?

The notation "Siegal" in the online catalog refers to the Aaron Garber Library of the Siegal College of Judaic Studies at 26500 Shaker Blvd. Cleveland OH 44122. The Aaron Garber Library is the academic library of the College and the central library of the Cleveland Jewish community. It includes 30,000 volumes, plus periodicals, language tapes, music and text CDs in English, Hebrew and Yiddish. The Library's electronic catalog is part of the online library system managed by Case Western Reserve University, and is included in OhioLINK, the statewide electronic academic catalog system. Online borrowing privileges are reserved for students registered at Siegal College. Community members are welcome to browse the catalog, visit the Garber Library and borrow materials.

For further information, contact by email, or call 216-464-4050 x131 or 132.

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