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May 21-23, 2017

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Dean's Dinner

Monday 5/22/17

The ALADN Dean’s Dinner will be held at The Rowfant Club, which is the home to the third oldest bibliophile’s club in the United States (following the Grolier Club in 1883 and the Club of Odd Volumes in Boston in 1886). Founded 125 years ago in 1892 by a group of Cleveland book lovers and collectors, the Rowfant Club also is one of the very few bibliophile clubs in the United States that still meets in its own building. The mansion house, which was built in 1838 and has served as the home of the Club since 1895, is one of the oldest inhabited houses in Cleveland. In 1973 the house was entered in the National Register of Historic Places. The home has a number of architectural and distinguished elements. The library contains over 3,000 books, many of which are rare. The motto of the Club, “light, seeking light, doth light of light beguile” (from Shakespeare’s Love’s Labor’s Lost) serves as the inspiration for multiple meals and lectures that are held at the Club each week. Since each new member presents the Club with a candlestick (which are lighted and used as place markers at each meal), today the Club possesses a stunning array of over 1,400 candlesticks gifted to the Club by current and past members. You won’t want to miss this dinner in this historic and beautiful setting. This event is part of the full-conference fee, but we do recommend you register for this. Thank you!



Networking Event 
Cleveland Brew Bus

Monday 5/22/17

A touring experience for the beer lover. The Cleveland Brew Bus will take you on a journey through Cleveland’s neighborhoods and give you a behind-the-scenes look at local breweries. Sample beers along the way (included in the fee) and enjoy learning more about Cleveland’s brewery history. Time will be allotted for the group to dine on their own, at local restaurants. The bus will pick up from and return to the hotel. NOTE: Space for this event is limited to 20. Register here!



Networking Event 
Zubal Books Tour

Monday 5/22/17

Take a tour of Zubal Books, a facility that houses 2,000,000 titles. Since 1961, the company has been providing libraries, researchers, collectors, and avid readers hard-to-find and important books in all fields. In August, 1994 the Zubal Family assumed ownership of the "Twinkie Factory." Until 1989 this was home to the company that brings us Twinkies, Ho-hos, Fruit Pies and the like. Many of the pipes in the bakery still contain sugary sauce the color of motor oil, which, when whipped, becomes the famous Twinkie cream filling. Since Hostess abandoned the place, that sauce just sits in the pipe.

After the tour, the group will travel a few blocks down W.25th St. in Ohio City to dine at TownHall, a casually chic destination in a restored warehouse: a cutting-edge restaurant that’s both a trendy bar and family-friendly, vegan-friendly eatery. Each person will be responsible for their own meal. Transportation to and from both venues will be provided. Register here!


Gala Dinner

Tuesday 5/23

The ALADN 2017 Conference Gala Dinner will take place at the Music Box Supper Club, a concert hall in the West Flats, a unique part of downtown Cleveland that has an unusual history. Wtih waterfront views and a rooftop deck, it's a singular entertainment experience in the Cleveland Area. Transporation to and from the venue will be provided. This event is part of the full-conference fee, but we do recommend you register for this. Thank you!


Kelvin Smith Library | 11055 Euclid Avenue | Cleveland, OH 44106-7151 | 216-368-3506