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May 21-23, 2017

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Hosting 2019


Is your institution interested in making a proposal to host a future ALADN Conference?
This is a great opportunity to showcase your city and host a valuable conference on library development.

ALADN has created a more formal structure to help potential hosting institutions understand and anticipate the responsibilities that come along with hosting the conference and to select future sites. The ALADN Hosting Proposal Coordinating Committee works with institutions that would like to host an upcoming conference.

If your institution or a group of institutions would like to be considered as a host for an ALADN conference, please apply here.

A proposal should consider the following criteria:

  • Your ability to negotiate and contract with a local hotel for a room block, meeting rooms, and meals
  • Your institution’s ability to manage registration payments and hotel and restaurant invoices (including any alcohol served)
  • Vendor sponsorship solicitations
  • Staffing to lead local hosting needs (registration desk, restaurant and meal negotiation, giveaways, accommodations for speakers, etc.)

Proposals are typically submitted two years in advance to host an ALADN Conference. A list of past and approved future conferences can be found here.  A call for proposals will be sent to the libdev listserv. Once the proposal period ends, a Site Selection Task Force is convened and charged with reviewing the proposals submitted and selecting one site that is the most financially and administratively prepared to host the conference. Results of this process will be communicated to lead proposal authors and to the current ALADN Conference Coordinating Committee chairperson(s) by the eventual chair of the Hosting Proposal Coordinating Committee.

ALADN 2018 Host is Fort Worth Texas!

Kelvin Smith Library | 11055 Euclid Avenue | Cleveland, OH 44106-7151 | 216-368-3506