Annual Report
KSL seeks to expand and deepen the support of our alumni and the larger communities of University Circle, Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Through training workshops and classes, events and community outreach, KSL aims to strengthen partnerships both locally and abroad.

Support for Alumni

Learning is a lifelong pursuit and KSL continues to support personal and professional growth of CWRU alumni after graduation. By registering for KSL Alumni Services, alumni can take advantage of a number of online databases they used as students. Local alumni can also sign up for card privileges that allow access to KSL to browse and borrow from the collections, attend lectures, events and more. For more information, click here.

International Objectives

In addition to our engagement efforts locally, KSL has taken action to define services and information resources to support global diversity. To benefit CWRU faculty, students and staff working abroad, as well as international students studying at CWRU, we launched a multilingual translation of the KSL website by implementing Google Languages. KSL also served as a host in spring 2011 and 2012 for two Carnegie Foundation-sponsored library fellows from South Africa. Each fellow was a KSL resident for six weeks.

Event Highlights

In 2012, KSL played host to a number of exciting events involving a variety of different members of the CWRU campus and community. A series of lectures took place at KSL this spring, including Michael F. Suarez, S.J., University Professor and Director of Rare Book School at the University of Virginia. Suarez gave a lecture entitled, Patrons and Illustrations: 17th Century British Books and the Coming of Enlightenment. Miriam Levin, Professor of History, Art History and Art, came to KSL to lead a discussion called Urban Modernity: A Two-Part Talk -- Writing the Book and Rethinking Paris, London, Berlin, Chicago & Tokyo. Robert H. Jackson, a partner in the Cleveland law firm of Kohrman Jackson & Krantz PLL and a noted collector of rare books, speaks across the country and abroad on the history and future of the book and literary culture. Jackson’s lecture at KSL, Victorian Serials: Essential Parts of the 19th Century Imagination, explored the various aspects of serial publishing, including the important role it played in extending literacy.

This fall, KSL welcomed all at an Open House as part of CWRU’s 2012 Homecoming, Alumni & Family Weekend events. During this time KSL was the place to be for a few events such as a Q&A session with CWRU Alumnus Rich Sommer of AMC’s Mad Men, hosted by the CWRU Alumni Association.

Annual Report

Above top: People gather in KSL’s Hatch Reading Room to view the exhibition of the work of master bookbinder Jan Sobota. Above bottom: One of Sobota’s bindings modeled as an antique car.

Internationally-known author and chef, Michael Ruhlman, also gave a presentation. Nearly 200 people gathered at KSL to hear Cleveland-native Ruhlman speak of his unorthodox road to becoming a food writer. This event also served as KSL’s kick off to Octavofest, a city-wide celebration of the book and paper arts.

The Octavofest festivities continued with a seminar and exhibition in memory of the work of master bookbinder Jan Sobota. KSL and the Rowfant Club of Cleveland jointly presented Sobota’s fascinating vision for the art of the book and the living tradition of craftsmanship he fostered. This exhibition, the first comprehensive posthumous display of his works, featured works including fine bindings, miniatures and book art, such as a bookcase modeled to look like an antique car.

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