Annual Report
To make KSL more inviting and beneficial for all users, we experimented with facility changes to increase building use. Through these experiments, we were able to observe changing traffic patterns and user responses in real time. These experiences informed our strategic planning process and planning for larger-scale changes.

The commitment to improve our facilities is in line with the KSL strategic plan objective to “become the campus destination for intellectual pursuits.” Our aim has been to advance student, faculty and staff recruitment and retention by reinvigorating KSL as a physical and virtual destination through the creation of inviting collaborative and individual learning spaces.

Updated Facilities & Redefined Services

To gather information and ideas for facility improvements, we conducted a student competition in FY2011 to propose comprehensive changes to our first (main service) floor. The students did a stellar job of gathering research and ideas, and these suggestions were fully implemented in FY2012. Listed below are highlights from our progress over the last year:

• A new system of signage and wayfinding was installed that uses a color and logo system to ease navigation throughout KSL.
• Better zoning of operations offers improved service sight lines within the building.
• The “Research Commons” on the second floor was completely refurbished. This ID-card accessible quiet area for graduate students and faculty offers additional study space.
• Contemporary computer tables and ergonomic seating was installed throughout the first and second floors. Reupholstery of furniture and the introduction of wall colors and artwork added visual interest and comfort for all users.
• Ten group study rooms were transformed into student collaboration rooms with the installation of 42-inch LED TVs and whiteboards for group collaborative work, as well as new chairs and collaboration tables.

By systematically engaging in research to improve the design and delivery of our services, KSL created a comprehensive and flexible strategic program to ensure we are helping to advance research, teaching and learning. This includes the transformation of our service delivery models to meet the specialized needs of each client constituency.

Consistent with the goal of KSL becoming the “knowledge and creativity commons,” we have reimagined our entire service model. In particular:

• To increase visibility and accessibility, the previous, cumbersome service desk was removed and replaced with a new welcome desk directly at the entrance to KSL to handle directional and general inquiries.
• To Increase safety and security for all users, we implemented a new ID check policy at the welcome desk as patrons enter KSL.
• The KSL Service Center, a customer service kiosk that aims to provide better interaction with users, is the place to seek hands-on assistance for an expanded array of services such as multimedia, book and equipment check out.

Personal Librarian Program

At the 2012 Orientation InfoFair, KSL welcomed the largest, most diverse and most accomplished undergraduate class in CWRU history, and launched a new program that provides all incoming first year students with their own Personal Librarian (PL).

Even with the large class size, the program assigns a librarian to each individual student to serve as his or her own library advisor. The purpose of the program is to help students become successful researchers. For example, PLs can assist students to identify the best resources, formulate search strategies and connect with library experts in different subject areas. Each PL will provide assistance any time of the year, even when the student is on break.

To learn more about KSL’s Personal Librarian Program, click here.

Annual Report

KSL’s Personal Librarians answer questions for first year students at the 2012 Orientation InfoFair.

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