Understanding Interests & Needs

To promote National Library Week in spring 2013, KSL conducted a quick survey that asked CWRU students to name their favorite part about KSL, as well as what they would change if they could pick one thing. In one week’s time, 150 responses were received. Highlights from the results are summarized below.


Reinventing KSL’s First Floor

KSL facilities have transformed to offer a mixture of social and communal spaces that accommodate changing engagement activities and learning styles. Most noticeably, the first floor has experienced on-going changes over the last year to create a place for people to work, gather and interact.

  • The Welcome Desk and Service Center replaced the previous service desk to provide convenient and flexible access to information and services.
  • Spaces were renovated to provide casual seating, leisure reading materials, an art gallery, café and more. Such gathering places result from a new vision for KSL as a place to learn and conduct research in a comfortable and convenient social environment.
  • This winter, KSL began requiring a photo ID check at the Welcome Desk to ensure a safe environment for all users. The measure has resulted in significant improvement in security, with only one reported theft in the five and a half months following the policy’s implementation.





New Instructional Spaces ‌

In fall 2012, renovations were completed on the lower level LL06 classroom in KSL. Renovations included remodeling an existing space with built-in desks, a poor sound system and old technology into a large space that has the flexibility of being divided into three separate classrooms, mobile/magnetic whiteboard walls, mobile tables for different class/meeting configurations, ergonomic chairs and HD technology with telepresence options.

The rooms were ready for spring 2013 semester and feedback solicited from users is highlighted below:

  • Flexibility of space: 88% — Very Satisfied
  • Technology & Furnishings: 67% — Very Satisfied
  • Ease of Use: 71% — Very Easy
  • Most-Used Technology: Projection System
  • Least-Used Technology: Telepresence
  • KSL Technical Assistance: 46% — Very Helpful
  • Recommend room to colleague: 86% — Yes


Support for Collaborative Learning

KSL is in a unique position to combine technology, information and personal assistance to provide support for students and faculty. Recent renovations reflect KSL’s focus on increased flexibility to ensure our facilities, both physical and virtual, support academic excellence at CWRU.

  • Technology-enabled spaces such as the Active Collaboration Room, created in partnership with University Information Technology Services, enrich the ability of users to receive onsite instruction in a dynamic learning environment and communicate with others around the world.
  • Collaboration rooms were redesigned to include new technology optimized for project-based learning. Prompted by feedback from Undergraduate Student Government, collaboration room reservation was extended to 24-hour availability. This resulted in more than a 10% increase in reservations with a total of 4,527 collaboration room reservations for the year.

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