Annual Report
As technology and research methods evolve, KSL works to understand the changing needs and scholarly behaviors of faculty, undergraduate and graduate students. To better cater to each of these groups, Research Services Librarians (RSL) were assigned to all academic departments, with the charge to engage in increased outreach and relationship management.

To ensure that KSL remains the trusted campus source for scholarly information, we took measures to expand the availability of such content for all users. To improve the quality of access and speed of searching the library’s collections, KSL rolled out Summon, a tool for users to search simultaneously all electronic resources, the library catalog and Digital Case. By tracking the total number of Summon users vs. the total users accessing, we know that we have reached our Year 1 target of 25% of all searches being performed through the new search engine.

Working with a faculty task force, we developed comprehensive principles to govern the preferred formats for acquisition, retention and storage. Thus far we:

• Developed policies and began data gathering to increase the number of monographs housed in the KSL open stacks. Phased implementation began summer 2012.
• Began preliminary investigation to explore local storage options to replace remote (Iron Mountain) storage or to relocate all materials back to campus.
• Had a new collections budget allocation formula approved. Piloting of the new formula began spring semester 2012, and full implementation will begin with the FY2013 budget.

Annual Report

Character costume sketches/watercolor, 1991.

Expanding Our Collections

KSL acquired the Cleveland Play House archives, an unparalleled resource for researchers studying the American regional theater movement, as well as the general and cultural history of Cleveland.

More than 1,000 boxes of materials including letters, manuscripts, research documents, notes, legal and financial records, photographs, video and audio tapes, CDs and DVDs, posters, fliers and artifacts were transported to KSL. Securing collection gifts such as this is part of the vibrant growth that is essential to support our curricular and research pursuits, as well as to attract and retain the best faculty and students to CWRU.

Annual Report

Above left: Set design model from the 2004 – 2005 season. Above right: Promotional poster for the production of “Liliom,” from the 1938 – 1939 season.

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