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University Archives: Buildings and Grounds of Case, WRU, and CWRU (A-Z)


The staff of the University Archives has compiled summaries of information about buildings and grounds used by Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University, 1882-1949. All sources used are in the CWRU Archives and may be consulted in the Archives.

This list is an alphabetical index, arranged by building identifier, to the individual buildings and grounds summaries. The list includes:

Building Identifiers
Derived from a controlled vocabulary created by the University Archives
Formal Names
A name is considered to be the buildings's formal name if:
1) a specific form of name was assigned by the Board of Trustees, or
2) a "namee" was designated, without specifiying the exact form of name, by the Board of Trustees, or
3) a specific form of name was assigned by a senior administrator authorized to do so, or
4) a specific form of name was used in a dedication or similar formal ceremony

Although the information contained in the summaries ends in 1949, we've added formal names assigned after 1949, when they could be readily determined. The naming year is included in parentheses.
Also Known As
Other names by which the building was known
When more than one building was known by the same popular name, the dates of usage are listed in parentheses.

A chronological index, arranged by use dates, is also available.

Information in the summaries includes:

associated with the buildings, including architects, general contractors, donors, occupants
of significant events, including construction, alterations, demolition, purchase, sale, ceremonies
formal and popular
images, locations, size, architectural style
functions carried out in the buildings
costs and funding sources

Information is included only during the time period that a particular building/space was under University control.
Investment properties are not included.
Some information about some buildings is not available.
Unknown data is indicated by a question mark (?).

  Identifier Also Known As Formal Name
A Abington Road, 2026 Abington Lodge
Dining Hall (1930-1931)
  Abington Road, 2033 Baldwin House (1930-1931)  
  Abington Road, 2039 Doren House (1930-1931)  
  Abington Road, 2044 Anthony House (1928-1929)  
  Abington Road, 2045 Anthony House (1930-1931)  
  Abington Road, 2050    
  Abington Road, 2056 Doren House (1928-1929)  
  Abington Road, 2058 Baldwin House (1928-1929)  
  Abington Road, 2069    
  Abington Road, 2070    
  Abington Road, 2073    
  Abington Road, 2090 Faris House
University House (1939-1942)
  Abington Road, 2096 Schaffner House  
  Abington Road, 2108    
  Abington Road, 2114    
  Abington Road, 2118 Alpha Omega
Dining Hall (1928-1929)
  Abington Road, 2121    
  Abington Road, 2124    
  Abington Road, 2130 Phi Epsilon Pi  
  Abington Road, 2134    
  Adelbert Gym, 1888 Adelbert Gymnasium
University Gymnasium
  Adelbert Gym, 1919 Armory  
  Adelbert Main Building Adelbert College
Adelbert College Administration Building
College Building
Main Building
  Adelbert Road, 2023/2041    
  Adelbert Road, 2025 Household Administration  
  Adelbert Road, 2029/2045 Curtis House
School of Pharmacy (1930-1931)
  Adelbert Road, 2035 Faculty Club (1928-1947)  
  Adelbert Road, 2051/2079    
  Adelbert Road, 2057 School of Nursing (1938)  
  Adelbert Road, 2063 Frances Bolton House
School of Nursing (1927-1949+)
  Adelbert Road, 2069    
  Adelbert Road, 2073 Athletic House
English House
  Adelbert Road, 2087 Annex
Bolton Dormitory
Field House
  Adelbert Road, 2101 University House (1937)  
  Adelbert Road, 2107 Leutner House
Phil Delta Theta
  Adelbert Road, 2117 School of Applied Social Sciences (1930-1931)  
  Adelbert Road, 2121 School of Applied Social Sciences (1929-1931)  
  Adelbert Road, 2125 School of Applied Social Sciences (1929-1931)  
  Adelbert Road, 2131 School of Applied Social Sciences (1930-1931)  
  Adelbert Road, 2145 Franklin Thomas Backus School of Law
Law School Building
School of Law
  Animal House, 1924    
  Animal House, 1930 Animal House & Hospital  
  Astronomical Observatory Observatory (1905-1907)
Transit House
  Auditorium Garage Building Cleveland College Auditorium Garage  
B Baker Building, 1942 Chamber of Commerce
Cleveland College
Newton Diehl Baker Memorial
  Baker Building, 1957 Baker Building Newton D. Baker Memorial Building
  Bangor Building    
  Barracks #1    
  Barracks #2    
  Bellflower Road, 11039 Music House  
  Bellflower Road, 11109 President's House
Thwing House
Thwing Residence
  Bellflower Road, 11201 Geography House
Home Management House
Stratford House
Wolfe House
  Bellflower Road, 11217 Fine and Applied Arts Building
Fine Arts Building
Porter House
  Bellflower Road, 11235 Delta Kappa Epsilon (1947-1949)
University House (1944-1945)
  Bellflower Road, 11418 Dormitory and Garage
Hill House
Perkins House
  Bellflower Road, 11418 Coach House    
  Bellflower Road, 11421 Bellflower House (1945-1949)  
  Bellflower Road, 11430 Lambda Chi Alpha  
  Bingham Mechanical Engineering   Charles William Bingham Mechanical Engineering Building
  Blackacre Trailer Camp    
  Boulevard House Boulevard House
Faculty Club (1944)
Grasselli House
C Camp Case, 1907    
  Camp Case, 1908    
  Camp Case, 1909    
  Camp Case, 1910    
  Camp Case, 1911    
  Camp Case, 1913    
  Camp Case, 1917    
  Camp Case, 1918    
  Camp Case, 1937    
  Carlton Road, 11893    
  Case Club Case Club Building  
  Case Main Building Case Main
Main Building
Old Main
  Chemical Laboratory, 1887 Janitor's House  
  Chemical Laboratory, 1892 Chemistry Building
Old Chem
Old Chemistry Building
  Church of the Covenant Mess Hall (1943)  
  Clarence Building    
  Clark Hall for Liberal Arts Clark Hall Clark Hall for Liberal Arts
  Clarke Field Athletic Field Justice John H. Clarke Field (1951)
  Cornell Place, 11622    
  Cornell Place, 11623    
  Cornell Road, 2039    
  Cornell Road, 2115    
  Cummington Road, 2256 & 2258    
  Cushing Laboratory H.K. Cushing Laboratory of Experimental Medicine H. K. Cushing Laboratory
  Cutler Hall Adelbert Dorm (1934)
Adelbert Hall (1930-1931)
Pierce-Cutler Hall (1930-1931)
Cutler Hall
D Davis Building Davis Building
Karl Davis Annex
Karl Davis Dorm
Karl Davis House
Karl Davis Memorial Fieldhouse
Karl E. Davis Memorial Building
  DeGrace Hall Biological Building
Biological Laboratory
DeGrace Hall (2001)
  Dental School School of Dentistry  
E East 9th Street, 2450    
  East 93rd Street, 1949 Anthony House (1927-1928)  
  East 96th Street, 2050 Day Nursery Association Building  
  East 100th Street, 2060 Faris Hall  
  Eldred Hall YMCA Building
Young Men's Christian Association Building
Eldred Hall
  Electric Building    
  Electrical Laboratory Electric Building
Electrical Engineering Building
  Engineers Building Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers Building  
  Ether Drift Research House Ether Drift House  
  Euclid Avenue, 1935 Cadillac Building  
  Euclid Avenue, 11015    
  Euclid Avenue, 11462    
  Euclid Hall Holcomb Berner House  
F Fairmount Boulevard, 2530    
  Ford House    
G Garfield House Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center
School of Architecture
  Gas Building    
  Government Building General Education Building  
  Guilford House   Guilford Cottage (1892)
Guilford House (1899)
H Harkness Chapel   Florence Harkness Chapel
  Harvey House   Kate Hanna Harvey House
  Hatch Library   Henry R. Hatch Library
  Haydn Hall   Haydn Hall
  Health Service Building Health Service
Student Health Service
  Hitchcock Hall Case Library
Graduate School
Hitchcock Hall
L Lowman House   Isabel Wetmore Lowman House
M Manor House Eleanor Squire House  
  Mather Athletic Field, 1927    
  Mather Athletic Field, 1948    
  Mather Gym    
  Mather House Flora Stone Mather House (1914-1916) Flora Mather House
  Flora Stone Mather House Mather House Flora Stone Mather House
  Mather Memorial Building Administration Building
Mather Hall
Mather Memorial
Flora Stone Mather Memorial Building
  Mechanical Laboratory Mechanical Building
Mechanical Engineering
  Medical School, 1846 Cleveland Medical College  
  Medical School, 1887    
  Mess Hall    
  Morley Chemistry Laboratory Morley Laboratory of Chemistry Morley Chemistry Laboratory
N Navy Dormitory The Ship
Telephone Exchange Building
  New York Central Athletic Field Cornell Road Athletic Field
University Athletic Field
O Observatory, 1883    
  Ohio Wesleyan Medical School Bldg Medical Building
School of Pharmacy (1910-1920)
P Pathology Institute of Pathology
Pathological Building
Pathological Laboratory
  Perkins House   Perkins House
  Physics Building Physical Laboratory (1894-1898)  
  Physiological Laboratory

Chemical Laboratory Building (1898)
College Annex
Physiological Laboratory

  Pierce Hall Adelbert Dorm (1934)
Adelbert Hall (1888-1892, 1930-1931)
Pierce-Cutler Hall (1930-1931)
Pierce Hall
  Pink Pig    
  Power House    
  Psychology Laboratory Psychological Laboratory  
R Raymond House University House (1944-1945)
Wickenden House
Raymond House
  Reserve Manor    
  Robb House   Isabel Hampton Robb House
  Rockefeller Mining and Metallurgy Mining and Metallurgy
Mining Engineering Laboratory
Mining Laboratory
The Rockefeller Laboratory for Metallurgical Engineering
The Rockefeller Laboratory for Metallurgy and Mining Engineering
  Rockefeller Physics Physical Laboratory (1904-1905)
The Rockefeller Physical Laboratory
S Service Building Service and Laundry Building  
  Smith Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Building
Laboratory of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Smith Building
Albert W. Smith Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Building (1956)
Albert W. Smith Chemical Engineering Building (1976)
  Smith House, 1943   Helen M. Smith House (1943)
Williamson House and Annex (1961)
  Society for Savings Building    
  May Squire House    
  Squire Valleevue Farm    
  Standard Building    
  Stearns Road, 2060    
  Stone Chapel Amasa Stone Memorial Chapel Amasa Stone Memorial
T Temporary Building Classroom-Faculty Office Building  
  Thwing Hall Excelsior Club
University Cafeteria (1947)
Thwing Hall
  Tomlinson Hall Tomlinson Memorial Student Union Building Tomlinson Hall
  Tyler House Carpenter House
Tyler-Thwing House
Tyler House
U University Cafeteria Cafeteria Building
Food Service Building
V Van Horn Field   Van Horn Field (1958)
W Warner & Swasey Observatory   Warner & Swasey Observatory 
  Warner Building Worcester Reed Warner Laboratory of Mechanics and Hydraulics Worcester Reed Warner Laboratory
  Western Reserve Historical Society Defense Training Center of Case School of Applied Science  
  Williamson House Bellflower House (1944)
Hudson House
Williamson House
  Women's Federal Building    
  Wood Building Medical School Harland Goff Wood Building (1992)

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