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Head Coaches of Case, WRU, CWRU

The University Archives' staff has compiled summaries of the service of head coaches at Case Institute of Technology, Western Reserve University and Case Western Reserve University from 1880 through 2000, using sources in the Archives.

Each page lists the sports and years coached, career record when it could be determined, and picture when available.





Adams, Harry C. Dugan, Carol Lanese, Kathy Scafe, Regis D.
Ayers, Nyles C.


Laub, William J. Scarry, Michael J.


Edwards, Joseph H. Lawrence, E. J. Schardt, Wilbur
Baker, Doug Edwards, William M. Leary, Arthur P. Scott, Xenophon C.
Baldine, Ronald P. Ellis, Ronald P. "Buzz" Lewis, Edward W. Seaman, William B.
Barnhart, E. H. Englehorn, Wesley T. Locke, Gordon C. Seimon, Jerry G.
Bartholeme, Earl Esterhay, Judith M. Longsworth, Walter I. Semple, Leonard R.
Herbert Bee Everett, Paul M. Luther, Richard W. Sharer, Claude B.
Belknap, Donald M.



Shaw, Kimberley
Benz, William H. Fauver, Clayton K. MacAndrew, J. C. Shirma (or Sharma), Satish
Berandic, Steve Finley, Robert Maher, Richard O. Siklosi, Joe
Berkheiser, Samuel W. Finnigan, Edward L. Marcotte, ? Simko, Darrell
Beveridge, A.J. Fletcher, Robert H. Mauks, Gary J. Slabaugh, Watson E., Jr.
Bill, Charley Fogg, Joseph G. Mauriocourt, Flory Smigel, Walter A.
Birrell, George H. Francy, Elmer N. Meyers (Myers), Harold B. Smith, Alva C.
Boyle, Charles J. Fraser, Lisa Milkovich, John Smith, Elmer
Bradley, John W. Fried, Howard J. Miller, Clark O. Snyder, Harvey
Braggins, Richard R.


Miller, Earl Spechalske, Frank H.
Briggs, Bert "Button" Gaston, George Mills, R. St. Germaine, John L.
Briggs, Harry A. Germano, Peter C. Miske, George Stahl, Steve
Broda, Harold A. Glidden, John N. Moffett, Roy R. Stanton, Frank W.
Buchwalter, George W. Goellner, William A. Mooney, Douglas E. Stevens, Harry G.
Burger, David L. Gray, Nancy Moore, Mina Stewart, Henry Scott


Greenough, M. B. Morris, George Stuckey, Ronald R.
Cabas, John A. Greenwood, Don Morris, Lucien E. Sudeck, William
Caldwell, ? Grueninger, Robert M. Mueller, Gilbert N. Swanbeck, Swen E.
Canfield, Harry H. Guthrie, Warren A.



Carlin, Joseph Jefferson "Jeff"


Newcomb, Adrian G. Thompson, Dale
Carr, Charles F. Hable, Timothy F. Newell, Al Tillinghast, ?
Chambers, Karen L. Hall, Jon Nortz, Megan Tishler, Carl
Chapman, Jim Hansen, William A.

Nye, Michael S.

Troughton, James J.
Clark, Todd D. Harbak, Gerald



Clarke, Gordon (Maurice?) Harris, Dennis Oldenburg, Arthur L. Uhlen, Fred
Clifford, Roy A. Headline, Eugene V. Ostergren, Frederick V.


Cobb, A. W. Heim, Philip K. "Nip"


Vanas, Howard J. "Johnny"
Collins, Bud Henry, Walt Pasini, Humbert F. "Pat" Vitone, John A.
Conant, John L. Herzog, Bertram Patton, Raymond


Coulter, Chan F. Holmes, George H. Pelton, Frank H. Walker, William T.
Councell, William M. Holtkamp, Ferdinand G. "Fritz" Pendergast, ? Waller, William A.
Cox, Don Hudson, Jason Peterson, Larry Waltz, Tom
Crane, Douglas Hughes, Kristin M. Poland, Harry Weaver, Harry E., Jr.
Cunningham, Bill Hunt, Jay Powell, Walter D. Wehr, C. J.
Curtis, Cassius



Wentworth, Joseph


Ikum, Busari Quigley, Patrick Wickham, Benjamin B.
Dame, Harry A. Imel, Charles C.


Wieder, Russell K.
Darbes, Alexander J.


Rahn, Nancy Willaman, Samuel S.
Dauber, Raymond G. Jaeger, John T. Rhodes, Bill Wilson, Joseph C.
Davidson, Homer James, Herbert A. Rice, James E. Winner, Charles
Davies, Thomas J. Jenkins, Charles Ride, Ray A. Winters, Arthur R.
Davis, Jack C. Jones, Paul Riley, Charles Winters, Frank J.
Day, Arthur H. Jones, Sidney Riley, Walter J. Winton, Janet Borer
Del Rosa, Robert Jordan, Kim L. Riordan, William G. Wirts, J. J.
Delaney, Richard L.


Rocco, Carl Wittenmeyer, Nelson
Delehanty, James Kadar, Menyhert Roman, George Woods, Dennis
DeSantis, Philip V. Kagy, Edmund L. Rosenberg, Arthur I.

Y - Z

Dewey, Robert J. Keady, John Thomas Rosendale, Earl A. Yocum, Frank A.
Di Giannantonio, Gioia Keough, Paul H. Rush, John H. Young, ?
Di Robertas, Mike Kerr, Geoffrey P. Russell, Joe Zimmerman, Harold J.
DiFebo, Joseph King, Albert A. Ryan, Ellis  
Dillon, J. J. Kinney, Carl Ryan, William R., Jr.  
Dobson, Eric Kivel, Marc E.


Doll, Denton T. "Dope" Krohmer, Jack S. Saban, Louis H.  
Donaldson, Kenneth H. Kyr, Harry R. Sandoz, William  

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