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Federation: A Process Not an Event

Timeline, 1965-1972

In recognition of the fortieth anniversary of the July 1967 Federation of Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University, the University Archives has compiled a timeline of Federation’s planning and implementation milestones. Thumbnail versions of images and documents link to larger versions of the former and full PDFs of the latter.

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May 19 and June 3

Case Institute of Technology (Case) and Western Reserve University (WRU) Trustees authorized establishment of the Office of Inter-Institutional Cooperation to coordinate joint planning and action.  
November 11 WRU President John S. Millis and Case President T. Keith Glennan announced formation of the Joint Case-WRU Trustee Committee “to stimulate a systematic investigation of the collaboration between their respective institutions.” Case members were Elmer Lindseth, Kent Smith, Herbert Markley, and T. Keith Glennan. WRU members were Clyde Foster, Edward DeConingh, Frank Schoenfeld, and John S. Millis.  
January 5 Presidents Millis and Glennan announced Henry T. Heald would chair the Case Institute of Technology-Western Reserve University Study Commission (known as the Heald Commission) to investigate possibilities for closer cooperation between WRU and Case. Heald was the former head of the Ford Foundation and had served as president of Illinois Institute of Technology and New York University. The Commission’s work would be supported by grants of $200,000 from the Carnegie Corporation of New York and $100,000 each from the Cleveland Foundation and the Associated Foundation of Greater Cleveland.
June 7-9 The Heald Commission held its first meetings. Members of the Commission, in addition to Heald, were Charles W. Cole, former president of Amherst College and former U.S. Ambassador to Chile; Harold L. Hazen, Dean of the Graduate School of MIT; Milton Katz, Professor of Law at Harvard; David A. Shepard, former vice president of the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey.
August 26 The Heald Commission issued its first interim report, summarizing existing cooperative activities and recommending additional cooperation. In September, WRU and Case Trustees approved coordinated planning by Case and WRU faculty and officers “to engender mutual reinforcement.” (209KB PDF)    
November 3 and December 1 WRU and Case Trustees approved Joint Case-WRU Trustee Committee proposal to create single departments to serve both institutions in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics.  
December 1 Upon recommendation of the Joint Case-WRU Trustee Committee, the WRU and Case Trustees discussed the second interim report of the Heald Commission and approved planning the structure of a federated institution. (458KB PDF)
December 23 Joint Case-WRU Trustee Committee recommended establishment of a federated university to be called Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) “to bring into being a nationally-recognized community of academic excellence.” In January the WRU and Case Trustees approved that recommendation. A single dissenting vote was cast by Case Trustee James Hodge.  
December 23 George Olah was appointed chairman of the newly combined Department of Chemistry. In January, Melvin Henriksen was appointed chairman of the consolidated Department of Mathematics. In May, Harvey P. Willard was appointed chairman of the combined Department of Physics.  

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February 10 Planning the Federation I was released. It described the initial procedures to plan the federation process. (664KB PDF)
February 13 Appointments to the Administrative Council were announced: John A. Hrones to head planning for science and technology, Herman D. Stein for social and behavioral sciences, Lester G. Crocker for humanities and fine arts, Alan R. Moritz for health sciences, Henry W. Spitzhoff for business and supporting services, Frank M. Hurley for student programs.  
April 12 Case and WRU Trustees approved the Agreement of Consolidation, combining Case and WRU into a new corporation: Case Western Reserve University. (408KB PDF)
April 12 Robert W. Morse was named President and John S. Millis was named Chancellor of Case Western Reserve University.
April 21 The Faculty Council on Federation was formed. It consisted of twelve members: five WRU faculty, five Case faculty, John S. Millis as chairman, and Robert W. Morse as vice chairman.  
May 19 Case and WRU purchased Fenway Motor Inn, renamed University House, to provide housing for married and single graduate students.
May 29 Heald Commission issued its final report, Vision of a University. (2.9 MB PDF)
June 1 Case Western Reserve University Trustees ratified the Agreement of Consolidation, the “final legal step to form Case Western Reserve University.”
July 1 Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University federated to form Case Western Reserve University.
July 5 Administrative appointments were made for admissions, financial aid, physical planning, provost, secretary of the university, and finance.  
July 5 The General Faculty of Case Western Reserve University was established by the Trustees. It comprised all enfranchised members of the Case faculty and the eight WRU faculties.  
July 5 Case’s Engineering Division was renamed the School of Engineering, with seven graduate divisions: Bio and Medical Engineering; Chemical Engineering; Computer, Control and Systems Science and Engineering; Electrical Sciences and Applied Physics; Fluid, Thermal and Aerospace Sciences; Polymer Science, Solid Mechanics, Structures and Mechanical Design. Ray E. Bolz was appointed Dean.  
July 5 CWRU’s first colors, seal, and coat of arms were approved by the Trustees.
July 10 The first official gift designated for the new university was received - $25 from Mr. E. Bruce Dunn.
September 18 CWRU’s first academic year began. (1 MB PDF)
December 7 The first meeting of the  General Faculty was held, during which the Constitutional Assembly was created to develop a new faculty governance system and structure.  

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February 10 First meeting of the faculty Constitutional Assembly was held.  
March 29 Chancellor John S. Millis announced the results of the contest to select a new Alma Mater. Barbara Denison wrote the lyrics and Jerry Pietenpol composed the music. Both were University employees and Ms. Denison was also an alumna.
April 27 Robert W. Morse was inaugurated as CWRU’s first president.
May 21 The University Undergraduate Student Government Assembly held its first meeting. The Constitutional Convention completed its work March 15. The constitution was ratified by the undergraduate student body in May. Officers of the Assembly were Sheldon Laube, President; William Eddy, Executive Vice President; Robert Tomasko, Academic Vice President; Jeffrey Jackerson, Secretary; John Rose, Treasurer.  
September 5 The first issue of The Observer was published. It was the first CWRU-wide student newspaper. The last issue of the WRU student newspaper, The Reserve Tribune, was published 5/23/1969. The Case student newspaper, The Case Tech,  continued publication until 1979.
November The Physical Education departments at Adelbert, Case and Mather unified as a single department.  
December 11 The Constitution of the University Faculty was approved by the Trustees. The Constitutional Assembly had approved a final draft of an interim constitution on September 27. The General Faculty had approved the constitution on November 3. (903KB PDF)
December 13 Fencing, the first varsity Case and WRU athletic team to merge, had its first match

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March 16 The Faculty Senate held its first meeting. The Faculty Senate was established by the faculty constitution as the elected body empowered to exercise most University Faculty powers.  
September The Spartans were chosen as the new varsity athletics mascot.
September 26 The new CWRU football team played its first game, losing to Allegheny College, 20-3. Case and WRU fielded separate football teams for three seasons after Federation. In the last Case vs. WRU football game on 11/15/1969, WRU defeated Case 28-14. Since their first game in 1891, WRU won 48 times, Case won 20, and 6 games were tied.
January 14 Trustee Executive Committee adopted a resolution describing the Board’s intention to “provide greater visibility and identity within the University for the accomplishments and traditions of Case Institute of Technology, in a manner consistent with the University faculty organization and the aims and purposes of federation.” This was commonly referred to as The Case Statement.  
April 8 Trustees approved the charter of the Constituent Faculties of Engineering, Humanities and Arts, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences, to succeed the former Case Faculty and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.  
June The Spartans won the All Sports Championship in the Presidents’ Athletic Conference. It was the first year all of CWRU’s varsity sports teams were merged.  
October 3 The Observer reported the results of the "Name the Yearbook" contest for the first all-CWRU yearbook - Vis-à-Vis.

1965 | 1966 | 1967 | 1968 | 1969 | 1970 | 1971 | 1972

Information was compiled by staff of the Case Western Reserve University Archives, June 2007.

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