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The list below summarizes archival holdings of the major publications created by and for students, alumni, friends, faculty and staff by Case Institute of Technology, Western Reserve University, and Case Western Reserve University. Many departments distribute newsletters related to a specific activity, e.g., buildings and grounds maintenance, administration of research grants, computing services. These are not included in this list. Newsletters intended for internal distribution in a single school are excluded. Newsletters of student clubs are excluded. Also excluded are titles published by the University's Press and scholarly works produced by schools and departments, e.g., the Literary Bulletin, the Health Matrix, the Journal of Applied Social Sciences, etc. 


Compilations containing academic policies related to admissions, degree requirements, tuition; descriptions of courses, facilities, services, faculty, departments; also known as the General Bulletin; generally published annually or biannually.

  • Case Institute of Technology, 1881/82-1967/68
  • Case Western Reserve University, 1968/69-2009/11 (ongoing) 
  • Western Reserve University, 1827/28-1967/68

Annual Reports

Summaries of the previous year's activities, such as buildings construction, renovation, demolition; financial status; faculty and trustee appointments, retirements, and deaths; enrollment statistics; new academic programs; awards, honors, and other noteworthy achievements; generally include submissions from the President, Treasurer, Deans, Librarian, and others

  • Case Institute of Technology, 1885-1966/67
  • Case Western Reserve  University, 1967/69-2006/07 (ongoing)
  • Western Reserve University, 1885/86-1966/67


Case Institute of Technology
Cramer, C. H. Case Institute of Technology: A Centennial History, 1880 - 1980. (Cleveland: Case Western Reserve University, 1980)

Case Western Reserve University
Cramer, C. H. Case Western Reserve: A History of the University, 1826-1976. (Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1976)

Baznik, Richard E. Beyond the Fence: A Social History of Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland: Case Western Reserve University, 2014)

Western Reserve University
Cutler, Carroll. A History of Western Reserve College During Its First Half-Century, 1826 - 1876. (Cleveland: Crocker's Publishing House, 1876)

Haydn, Hiram Collins. Western Reserve University From Hudson to Cleveland, 1878 - 1890: An Historical Sketch. (Cleveland: Western Reserve University, 1905)

Kitzmiller, Helen H. One Hundred Years of Western Reserve. (Hudson: The James W. Ellsworth Foundation, 1926)

Waite, Frederick Clayton. Western Reserve University - The Hudson Era: A History of Western Reserve College and Academy at Hudson, Ohio, from 1826 to 1882. (Cleveland: Western Reserve University Press, 1943)

In addition to the University-wide histories above, histories of individual schools have also been published:

Applied Social Sciences
Campbell, Thomas F. SASS: Fifty Years of Social Work Education: A History of the School of Applied Social Sciences, Case Western Reserve University. (Cleveland: The Press of Case Western Reserve University, 1967)

Cutler, James Elbert and Maurice Rea Davie. A Study in Professional Education at Western Reserve University: The School of Applied Social Sciences, 1916 - 1930. (Cleveland: Western Reserve University Press, 1930)

Hagesfeld, Elise with Elizabeth Salem. Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences. 100 Years of Inspiring Hope and Shaping the Future. (Wilmington, Ohio: Orange Frazer Press, 2018)

Cramer, C. H. The Story of Dentistry and the School in University Circle. (Cleveland: The School of Dentistry, Case Western Reserve University, 1982)

Waite, Frederick Clayton. History of the School of Dentistry of Western Reserve University. (Cleveland: Western Reserve University, 1940)

Cramer, C. H. The Law School at Case Western Reserve University: A History, 1892-1977. (Cleveland: The Law School, Case Western Reserve University, 1977)

Library Science
Cramer, C. H. The School of Library Science at Case Western Reserve University: Seventy-five Years, 1904 - 1979. (Cleveland: School of Library Science, Case Western Reserve University, 1979)

Williams, Greer. Western Reserve's Experiment in Medical Education and Its Outcome. (New York: Oxford University Press, 1980)

Waite, Frederick Clayton. Western Reserve University: Centennial History of the School of Medicine. (Cleveland: Western Reserve University Press, 1946)

Faddis, Margene O. The History of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing. (Cleveland: Alumnae Association of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, 1948)

Faddis, Margene O. A School of Nursing Comes of Age: A History of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, Case Western Reserve University. (Cleveland: Alumni Association of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing, 1973)

Publications by and for students



Summaries of the academic year's activities compiled by students; generally include portraits of graduating students, pictures and descriptions of student organizations and activities, the campus, and events, poetry, cartoons, essays. As we digitize them they are added to Digital Case 

  • Case Institute of Technology, 1894/95-1971/72
  • Case Western Reserve University, 1972/73-2013/14 (ongoing)
    (undergraduate colleges)
  • Western Reserve University, 1867/68-1874/75, 1880/81-1970/71
    (Adelbert College was always included; coverage of other colleges varied)

In addition to the University-wide yearbooks above, these colleges produced their own yearbooks.

  • Architecture, 1951/52-1952/53
  • Cleveland College, 1946/47-1952/53
  • Dentistry, 1915/16, 1943/44, 1960s (scattered)
  • Law, 1897/98
  • Library Science, 1914/15-1921/22, 1961/62
  • Mather College, 1895/96-1953/54
  • Medicine, 1951/52-1974/75
  • Nursing, 1922/23-1964/65 (scattered)
  • Pharmacy, 1918/19

Newspapers and Newsletters

Accounts of current events or periodic reports on activities, issued at regular intervals; generally include news and feature articles, editorials and opinions, and advertisements.

Case Institute of Technology
Case Tech, 1903/04-1978/79

The Interim News, 1979/80

Case Western Reserve University
The Observer, 1969/70-2014/15 (ongoing)

Western Reserve University
Reserve Weekly, 1903/04-1935/36

Reserve Tribune, 1936/37-1968/69

In addition to the University-wide newspapers above, these colleges produced their own newspapers.

  • Adelbert College, 1889/90-1902/03
  • Applied Social Sciences, 1946/47-1968/69, 1976/77-1977/78
  • Cleveland College, 1927/28-1952/53
  • Dentistry, 1914/15-1916/17, 1969/70-1977/78
  • Law, 1957/58-1962/63, 1969/70-1981/82
  • Library Science, 1942/43, 1962/63-1983/84 (scattered)
  • Management, 1979/80-1986/87, 1991/92-1993/94
  • Mather College, 1939/40-1951/52
  • Medicine, 1970/71-1982/83
  • Nursing, 1968/69-1974/75, 1990/91
  • Western Reserve College, 1861/62-1863/64


Manuals describing student rules of conduct, traditions, services, facilities; generally issued annually.

  • Case Institute of Technology, 1898/99-1977/78
  • Case Western Reserve University, 1970/71-2007/08 (ongoing)
  • Western Reserve University, 1897/98-1936/37, 1960

In addition to the University-wide handbooks above, these colleges produced their own handbooks.

  • Applied Social Sciences, 1956/57-1975/76
  • Cleveland College, 1939/40-1961/62
  • Law, 1983/84-1997/98, 2005/06
  • Library Science, 1969/70
  • Mather College, 1919/20-1971/72
  • Nursing, 1932, 1945, 1980
  • Western Reserve College, 1972/73-1986/87

Magazines and Journals

Compilations of articles, essays, poetry, or other writings by many authors, usually on a variety of topics.

Case Institute of Technology
The Integral, 1892/93-1898/99

Engineering & Science Review, 1957/58-2005

Case Western Reserve University
Case Reserve Review, 1982/83-2005/06

Mather Quad Review, 1985/86-1991/92

Western Reserve University
The Western Reserve Magazine, 1894/95-1895/96

Reserve Lux, 1913/14-1914/15

Red Cat, 1923/24-1941/42

Pulse, 1946/47-1949/50

Polemic, 1955/56-1966/67

In addition to the University-wide student magazines and journals above, these colleges produced their own student magazines and journals.

Cleveland College
Skyline, 1927/28-1962/63

The Western Reserve Law Journal, 1894/95-1900/01

Law Review, 1953/54-2006/07 (ongoing)

Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law, 1969/70-2006/07 (ongoing)

Law and Housing Journal, 1973/74-1981?

Canada-United States Law Journal, 1978/79-2005/06 (ongoing)

Mather College
College Folio, 1892/93-1912/13

The Sundial, 1917/18-1955/56

Publications by and for faculty and/or staff


Newspapers and Newsletters

Accounts of current events or periodic reports on activities, issued at regular intervals; generally include news and feature articles, editorials and opinions, and advertisements.

Case Institute of Technology
Faculty Announcements, 1946/47-1966/67

Case Western Reserve University
Faculty Announcements, 1967/68-1969/70

Case Western Reserve University News, 1967/68

News and Views, 1969/70-1977/78

Here, 1970/71-1973/74

Images, 1974/75-1978/79

Campus News, 1982/83-2003/04

Administrative Notes, 1987-2003/04

Western Reserve University
Western Reserve News, 1901/02

WRU News Letter, 1949/50-1956/57

Western Reserve University Bulletin, 1956-1961

Faculty and Staff News Letter, 1957/58-1966/67


Schedules of events, including academic and administrative deadlines, social activities, lectures and speeches.

  • Case Institute of Technology, 1961/62-1966/67
  • Case Western Reserve University, 1967/68-1981
  • Western Reserve University, 1938/39-1966/67

Publications for alumni and friends


Magazines and Newsletters

Compilations of articles, essays, poetry, or other writings by many authors, usually on a variety of topics; announcements of alumni activities.

Case Institute of Technology
Case Alumnus, 1921-2007/08 (ongoing)

Case Western Reserve University
CWRU Magazine, 1968

Multi, 1968-1969

Insight, 1971-1984

Case Reserve Today, 1984-1988

CWRU Magazine, 1988-2003

UAA Today (undergraduates), 2000-2002

AlumNews, 2002

Case Magazine, 2003-2007

Case Western Reserve University, 2007-2008

Think, 2008 (ongoing)

Western Reserve University
Western Reserve University News Letter, 1899/1900-1901/02

Western Reserve Alumnus, 1920-1922

Voice of Reserve, 1934-1952

Alumni News Letter, 1951-1952

Reserve Reports, 1952-1963

Outlook, 1963-1967

In addition to the University-wide publications above, these colleges produced their own alumni publications.

  • Adelbert College, 1924-1975
  • Applied Social Sciences, 1931-2002
  • Architecture, 1964-1968
  • Cleveland College, 1955-1975
  • Colleges, 1990-1992
  • Dentistry, 1953-2002
  • Education, 1938-1968, 1991-2000
  • Graduate, 1934-1937, 1969-1970, 1977-1992
  • Law, 1953-2007
  • Library Science, 1910-1986
  • Management, 1958-1959, 1965-2002/03
  • Mather College, 1924-1975, 2001-2007
  • Medicine, 1924, 1937-2006
  • Nursing, 1916-2001
  • Western Reserve College, 1975-1992

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