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eBooks (electronic books, online books) include full-text books and online reference works. To find print copies of books in the Case libraries, search the online catalog. The catalog also has links to more ebooks.

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Case/OhioLINK eBook Collections

The OhioLINK Electronic Book Center
Search across thousands of scholarly and reference ebooks covering the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. Includes netlibrary, Safari Tech, Oxford References, more...

Safari Tech Books Online
Online books in computer science, information technology, business, and related fields.

EBSCO eBook Collection (formerly NetLibrary)
A large collection of online books covering a wide range of topics.

Books across all disciplines that can be browsed by subject or searched.


Business/Career Related

American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries 

Foreign Firms Operating in the United States 

Mergent (Moody's) Digital Corporate Manuals --Historical corporate and industry manuals in various business fields, from the early 1900s to today. 

Vocational and Career Collection--Index, abstracts, and full text for 350 trade and industry related periodicals.

See more business books here 

Major Sci/Tech References Available Only at Case

Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography

e-EROS--Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis

International Tables for Crystallography--OnlineEdition | Interactive Version


Engineering and Scientific References (Knovel): Includes--

Merck Index--The Merck Index is a structure-searchable encyclopedia of chemicals, drugs, and biologicals. More than 10,000 monographs on single substances and related groups of compounds cover chemical, generic, and brand names; registry numbers; physical data and literature references; structures and stereochemistry; toxicity information; and therapeutic uses. To use this database, please register first! Just click the "Register" button on the left hand side of the main page.

See more science and technology books here 

Encyclopedia /Multidisciplinary References

Selected Plays/Poetry

African-American Poetry
3000 poems by African-American poets in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Includes or has links to full text.

American Poetry
40,000 poems of American writers from the 17th to the early 20th century. Includes or has links to full text.

Editions and Adaptations of Shakespeare
Full text of 11 major editions of Shakespeare's works, and related works. Includes or has links to full text.

Eighteenth Century Fiction
Full text of 96 works of prose fiction written in the British Isles, 1700-1780.

English Poetry
Full text of over 160,000 poems written in English 600-1900. Includes or has links to full text.

English Prose Drama
Full text of over 1800 plays written in prose for the stage, from the Renaissance to the end of the 19th century.

English Verse Drama
Full text of over 2200 works of poetry intended for the stage. Includes or has links to full text.


AAS@Case--African Americans at Case
A digital exhibit highlighting the presence of African Americans at Case Western Reserve University since its inception.

Digital Case
A collection of materials covering a variety of topics and interests.

 Digital Media Center
Provides collections of electronic images, videos, and sound.

 Annals of American History
Full text of over 2000 primary documents and multimedia files covering American history. Includes or has links to full text.

Style Guides

Citation Style Guides: MLA, APA, Columbia, CBE, etc. 
Help with formatting bibliographies, papers, journal articles, etc.

Freely Available Internet Books

Project Gutenberg--
The first and largest single collection of free electronic books.

Online Books Page
A website that facilitates access to books that are freely readable over the Internet.


Collections FAQ

Why isn't the book on the shelf?
Find out where a book is before you go to the shelf. Search the Case Catalog to see what it says like
- "Check Shelves" (look on the shelves, find it, & check it out);
- "Just Checked In" (ask staff for help, it's nearby, but too soon to be back on the shelves yet);
- "Off Campus" (out at an OhioLINK school);
- "Due mm/dd/yyyy" (it’s checked out until that date.) 
Tip: If it is not available, order an OhioLINK copy
Can I return books to a different Library?

Return Case or OhioLINK items to any Case library, yes. Case libraries have different hours, so your book might not get checked in on the day you return it if you use a bookdrop.

Return the CPL@Case-KSL books only to KSL, so the collection is here for you & others. Case libraries are not responsible for returning other local libraries’ books. Returning public library books here will not check them off of your account at those libraries.

What does "Check Shelves" mean?
"Check Shelves" means it is supposed to be on the shelf. If it isn’t there, double-check what the Case Catalog currently says to make sure that nobody else has checked it out or has kept it out too long.
How long does reshelving take?
The times are different, depending on what is being reshelved and what time of semester it is. KSL goal: to reshelve journals within 24 weekday hours, reshelve books within 48 hours. During peak times (end of semester) the time can be longer. Ask staff at the Main Service Desk for help.
How do I reserve a book?
Books are on the shelves for anyone who needs them, and are not reserved for individual use. If our book is checked out, order a copy from the OhioLINK.
Where are the UL Storage Stacks?
KSL has a university center half a mile from KSL, where lesser used or brittle books are kept, and the catalog search screen will display "UL Storage." You can visit the Center during daytime hours, or use an online request form to bring back the item to KSL. The center is now called RRCC (Retrospective Research Collections Center.)
Can I get a book or video on a specific date?
Yes, Case faculty, staff, & students can find out more details and use a convenient online request form for Book a Video or DVD  (KSL’s other collections are available only on a first-come basis for everyone, and cannot be booked ahead of time.)
What does a Book on Order mean? When will it get here?
When the catalog item displays “1 copy ordered for (library name)” the item is already in the library getting the final processing labels, etc., and will soon be on the shelf! Ask staff if there are other copies avaialable in OhioLINK in the meantime, or if you have an urgent need.
What is a PIN?
Your PIN is not assigned, you choose what it is and enter it on the Case Catalog at “View Your Library Record,” following the instructions. A Case Library PIN is a Personal Identification Number that protects your information, just like your bank ATM asks for a similar security PIN.
How do I get a library account & where can I look at it?
Case faculty, staff, and students automatically have online library accounts. You can look at it on the Case Catalog under “View your library record.” Use your library account to renew items on line and keep track of what you have checked out or ordered from OhioLINK or RRCC or Iron Mountain sites. Your Case ID is your library card!

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