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(1695 - 1991)

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Processed by: James McIntyre, 2006

Biography: H. Jack Lang (1904-1996)

Mr. Lang was a well-known advertising executive and philanthropist in Cleveland, Ohio. He founded the H. Jack Lang Co. in 1932, which became Lang, Fisher and Stashower Inc. in 1937 and Liggett-Stashower in 1987. Five years after his retirement in 1972, Mr. Lang was elected to the Cleveland Advertising Hall of Fame.

As a service to his first customer, the Wolf Envelope Co., Mr. Lang suggested the creation of a monthly publication of humorous and witty correspondence. It was called The Wolf Magazine of Letters, and was edited by Mr. Lang for 60 years, beginning in 1934. His interest in the art of letter writing continued to grow: he became a member of The Manuscript Society, as well as Cleveland’s Rowfant Club (a society for bibliophiles). He wrote and edited several books, including: “The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln”, “Letters in American History”, “Dear Wit”, and “Rowfant Manuscripts”. He received the Freedoms Foundation’s George Washington Honor Medal for promoting “an increase in the understanding of the ‘American Way of Life’” (from the website of the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge –

Mr. Lang also began to buy and collect original letters. He donated his collection (consisting of 49 letters) to Case Western Reserve University in 1977, and continued to make donations of letters until his death in 1996.

In addition to being a Friend of University Libraries at Case Western Reserve University, Mr. Lang was a member of the Library Council at the Western Reserve Historical Society, a trustee at both Mt. Sinai Hospital and Planned Parenthood in Cleveland, and an active supporter of the Cleveland community through the Frances W. and H. Jack Lang Philanthropic Fund as well as the Samuel D. and May Wise Philanthropic Fund.

Scope and Content Note

The collection consists of letters and supporting documentation, books on the art of letter writing, a small miscellaneous grouping of catalogs and photographs, and issues of The Wolf Magazine of Letters fromJune-July 1979 to Summer Quarterly 1991. The earliest letter, from the Marquise de Sévigné, dates from 1695; while the most recent was signed by entertainer Mike Douglas in 1980. Most of the letters date from the 19th century. The collection, which now numbers 85 manuscripts, will continue to grow: in conjunction with his gift, Mr. Lang established a Gift Annuity, to be used for the maintenance and augmentation of the collection (the newest addition was acquired in 2005).

Series 1: Letters

Eighty-five original letters, signed, dated 1695-1980. One author per folder, arranged alphabetically.

Series 2: Documentation


Auction catalogs, bid and price lists, sales receipts, translations, authentications, examples of other writings and articles about writers, and correspondence with dealers and historians. Arranged alphabetically by individual author. Not all are represented; one folder accessioned with several authors combined.

Series 3: Miscellaneous

Five catalogs, three photographs related to subjects of collection.

Series 4: The Wolf Magazine of Letters

The Wolf Magazine of Letters (1979-1991)


Series 1: Letters

Box Folder

Folder Title

1 1

Adams, Abigail (1744-1818).Wife of John Adams, 2nd U.S. president; mother of John Quincy Adams, 6th U.S. president.

ALS, 1¼pp, separate leaves, letter sheet, 10”x 8” (4to), Washington [D.C.], 1800 Dec. 8. Addressed to Sarah Smith Adams (daughter-in-law). Very good. Moderate chipping at top and right edges, segment cut out of bottom right on 2nd page, original wax seal still attached. Placed in plastic sleeve. Written on the death of Charles Adams (her son).

1 2

Adams, John (1735-1826). 2nd U.S. president.

LS, 1¼p, letter sheet, 10”x 8” (4to), Quincy, MA, 1826 June 7. Addressed to Captain John Whitney. Good. Moderate browning, slight staining, partially separated fold and a few holes. Encapsulated in plastic. Dictated response to invitation to 4th of July celebration in Quincy.

1 3

Armory, Cullender & Co.

ALS, letter sheet, 1p, 10”x 8”, New Orleans, 1809 Aug. 9. Addressed to Captain George Davis. Fair. Letter has been kept folded, and ink has transferred. Some holes and weak, partially-separated folds: bottom section is completely separated. Placed in plastic sleeve. Related to seizure of Davis’ ship [for importing slaves from Cuba]. See also Dickson, William, Smith, John and Davis, George, Captain.

1 4

Baruch, Bernard M. (1870-1965). American financier and government advisor.

TNS, 1p, 7”x 6” (8vo), New York, 1958 Aug. 21. Addressed to Ben D. Zevin. Very fine. One horizontal fold and date stamp. Note acknowledging receipt of book and letter.

1 5

Bell, Clive (1881-1964). English art and literature critic. Member of Bloomsbury group.

ANS, 1p, 7”x 4” (8vo), London, n.d. No addressee (notation in pencil at top: “To Horace Brodzky”). Very fine. One horizontal fold. Note accompanying photos.

1 6

Bob and Ray (Elliott, Bob (1923-) and Goulding, Ray (1922-1990)). American comedy team.

TNS, 1p, 11”x 9”, New York, 1959 Aug. 10. Addressed to William Feather. Very good. Some pencil marks and holes for binder punched in left side. Note acknowledging receipt of card; signed by both.

1 7

Bok, Edward (1863-1930). American (Dutch-born) editor and author.

TLS, 1½pp, on 1st and 4th leaves, 9”x 7” (4to), Philadelphia, 1899 Dec. 27. Addressed to Elbert Hubbard. Good. Slight fading of ink, moderate soiling inside, one horizontal fold bisecting signature. Letter of thanks for gift.

1 8

Brooke, Sylvia, Lady, Ranee of Sarawak (1885-1971).

(a) ALS with cover, 2½pp, 8”x 6”, St. James, Barbados, 1970 July 15. Addressed to H. Jack Lang. Very fine. One horizontal fold through part of signature. Referring to plan to publish correspondence between Brooke and George Bernard Shaw.
(b) ALS with cover, 1½p, 7”x 5”, St. James, Barbados, [1970 Sept. 21]. Addressed to H. Jack Lang. Very fine. One horizontal fold. Follow-up to previous letter.
(c) ANS with cover, 1p, 6”x 4”, St. James, Barbados, [1970 Sept. 21]. Addressed to Mr. Russell (Manager of the British Museum). Extra fine. Relative to both letters above.
(d) ALS with cover, 2½pp, 8”x 4”, Ranchos de Taos, NM, 1970 July 14. Addressed to H. Jack Lang. Extra fine. Commercial greeting card from Tricia Hurst, offering introduction to Brooke.
(e) ALS with cover, 2pp, 4”x 6”, St. James, Barbados, 1972 July 18. Addressed to H. Jack Lang. Extra fine. Letter after Brooke’s death, from Frank de Buono (Brooke’s manager).

1 9

Buchwald, Art (1925-). American humorist and writer.

TNS, 1p, 10”x 7”, 1967 Apr. 24. Addressed to Mrs. Larkins. Very fine. Two minor folds and one faint pencil mark. Response to question about Buchwald’s newspaper column.

1 10

Carlyle, Jane Welsh (1801-1866). English woman of letters and wife of Thomas Carlyle.

ALS, 3pp, 4”x 4” (16mo), n.p., n.d. Addressed to Miss Wilson (T. Carlyle’s friend and lecture agent). Fine. Slight chipping along right and bottom edges, slight fading of ink. Pursuant to tentative social engagement.

1 11

Carroll, Lewis (1832-1898). English author, mathematician and amateur photographer.

(a) “Eight or Nine Wise Words About Letter Writing” by Lewis Carroll, 39pp, 4”x 3”, Emberlin and Son, pub., Oxford, 1890. Fine. Some glue residue on back cover. Accompanied by photocopy of entire booklet.
(b) “The Wonderland Postage-Stamp Case”, in two parts. “Invented by Lewis Carroll”, 1889. Inscribed “C.H.D. from C.L.D. Mar. 1890” (C.H.D. is Caroline Hume Dodgson, Carroll’s sister). Accompanied by photocopies of all parts of case.
(c) ALS from F. Menella Dodgson (Carroll’s niece), 3pp, 7”x 4”, [London], 1936 Aug. 17. No addressee. Fine. Very slight fading of ink, tape marks on both sheets. Providing history of (a) and (b) above. Accompanied by photocopy of letter.

1 12

Cerf, Bennett (1898-1971). American publisher and humorist.

(a) TLS, 1p, 11”x 9”, New York, 1959 Apr. 28. Addressed to H. Jack Lang. Fine. Moderately wrinkled, one fold through signature. Adding Lang to Random House mailing list; submission for Wolf Magazine of Letters.
(b) TLS, 1p, 8”x 5”, New York, 1959 May 13. Addressed to H. Jack Lang. Very fine. One horizontal fold, one arrow drawn in pen. Follow-up to previous letter, accompanied by carbon copy of TL from Lang to Cerf (1959 May 11).
(c) TLS, 1p, 8”x 5”, New York, 1959 May 22. Addressed to H. Jack Lang. Very fine. One horizontal fold. Follow-up to previous letters, accompanied by carbon copy of TL from Lang to Cerf (1959 May 20).

1 13

Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of (1694-1773). English statesman and author.

ALS, 2pp, 9”x 7” (4to), London, 1762 Mar. 15. Addressed to Mrs. Ann Kirkby. Fine. Moderate staining, browning, and fading of ink. Personal letter on various topics, accompanied by blank cover with stains from original wax seal. (Copy framed with hand-colored, engraved portrait of Chesterfield.)

1 14

Churchill, Winston, Sir (1874-1965).

TLS with penned salutation and underlines, 1p, 9”x 7” (8vo), Chartwell, England, 1932 July 25. Addressed to Louis J. Alber. Very good. Minor staining and soiling, one piece of tape on right side. Refusing invitation for lecture tour of US. (Copy framed with original photograph of Churchill at a desk.)

1 15

Cowper, William (1731-1800). English poet and hymn writer.

ALS, letter sheet, 1p, 8”x 8” (4to), Olney, England, 1785 Nov. 26. Addressed to Joseph Hill, Esq. Very good. Slight browning, staining, fading of ink, and separation of folds. Lower right corners stuck together, wax seal still attached. Expressing friendship between Cowper and Hill.

1 16

Dickens, Charles (1812-1870). English author.

ANS “CD”, 1p, 7”x 4”, Devonshire Terrace (London), 1850 Apr. 5. Addressed to Percival Leigh. Good. Moderate browning, marked around edges, 4 pencil notations, ink has transferred from letter being folded. Referring to a story written by Leigh. Encapsulated in plastic. Accompanied by printed portrait.

1 17

Dickson, William.

ALS, letter sheet, 3pp, 10”x 8”, Norfolk, 1809 June 6. Addressed to Captain George Davis. Fair. Marked browning, staining and foxing on address portion of letter sheet, hole where wax seal was removed. Weak folds, some fading of ink. Placed in plastic sleeve. Related to seizure of Davis’ ship [for importing slaves from Cuba]. Contains copy (in Dickson’s hand) of letter he received from Albert Gallatin (Secretary of the Treasury). See also Armory, Cullender & Co., Smith, John and Davis, George, Captain

1 18

Douglas, Mike (1925-). American entertainer.

TLS, 1p, 10”x 7”, [Los Angeles], [1980 Jan. 16]. No addressee (envelope addressed to Lou Eberhardt). Very fine. Minor folds. Response to fan mail question.

1 19

Evans, Bergen (1904-1978). American educator, author, and television and radio game show participant.

TLsS, 1p, 7”x 6” (8vo), Northfield, IL 1959 Oct. 27 and 1970 Oct. 24. Addressed to H. Jack Lang.
(a) Fine. Pencil notation in lower right corner, staple holes in upper left. Thank you letter, mention of Readers Digest and game shows.
(b) Very fine. Horizontal fold, slight creasing at top. Response to request for correspondence with Groucho Marx. See Marx, Groucho.

1 20

FitzGerald, Edward (1809-1883). English poet. Translator of The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.

ALS “E.F.G.”, 2½pp, 7”x 4” (12mo), [1881 Nov. 15]. Addressed to “Dear Spalding”. Good. Large stain on left edge and slight soiling on bottom edge of front. Rust mark from paper clip and large stain on right edge on back. Opinion on appraisal of Bailey’s Dictionary.

1 21

Flaubert, Gustave (1821-1880). French author.

ALS in French, 3pp on 1st, 3rd and 4th leaves, 8”x5” (8vo), [1861 Jan.]. No addressee [Ernest Feydeau]. Fine. Slight wear and small tear in upper right, minor weakness in some folds, moderate bleeding of ink through leaves. Expressing frustration and annoyances of his life.

1 22

Gandhi, Mohandas K., Mahatma (1869-1948). Indian spiritual and political leader.

ALS “Bapu,” 1¾pp, 7”x4” (8vo), Poona, India (Yeravada Central Prison), 1932 Oct. 20. Addressed to Dorothy Emma Newman. Very good. Folds slight weak and soiled (on back), one small separation. Tape on top and bottom. Written in English, message of love and hope. Stamp and initials of Prison Superintendent, with envelope. (Copy framed with a Margaret Bourke-White photo of Gandhi reading.)

1 23

Garfield, James A. (1831-1881). 20th U.S. President.

(a) ALS, 1½pp, 7”x 6”, Mentor, OH, 1877 June 26. Addressed to Edmund Cole. Very good. Folds weak and slightly separated. Slight soiling on back. Reply to letter from “My Dear Friend”. Accompanied by Garfield photograph from Ryder’s photography in Cleveland, dated 1875.
(b) ALS, 1¼p, 8”x 5”, Mentor, OH, 1880 Dec. 1. Addressed to E.B. Jerome. Good. Weak, partially-separated folds repaired with small strips of archival tape. Moderate soiling and staining on back.
Both letters housed in plastic sleeves.

1 24

Glenn, John (1921-). American astronaut and politician.

TLS as NASA astronaut, 1p, 10”x 8”, Houston, TX, 1963 [not after Oct. 8]. Addressed to H. Jack Lang. Very fine. Very slight chipping, two horizontal folds. Response to request for donation of letters.

1 25

Hatherill, George (1898-?). Former Commander, Scotland Yard.

TLS, 1p, 9”x 7” (4to), London, 1959 Oct. 28. Addressed to H. Jack Lang. Very fine. Pencil notation in lower right corner, staple holes in upper left. Response to inquiry re: British drug addicts.

1 26

Holmes Jr., Oliver Wendell (1841-1935). American jurist.

ALS “H” with original cover, 4pp, 10”x 8”, Boston, 1896 Sept. 17. Addressed to The Lady Castletown. Very fine. One very small tear on right edge of first page, slight soiling on envelope. Love letter. Housed in plastic sleeve.

1 27

Hoover, J. Edgar (1895-1972). Director of U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) (1924-1972).

TLS, 1p, 10”x 8” (4to), Washington, D.C., 1953 Mar. 11. Addressed to H. Jack Lang. Fine. Very slight chipping, slight wrinkling, horizontal fold through signature. Regarding visit to FBI headquarters by Lang’s son.

1 28

Irving, Washington (1783-1859). American author and diplomat.

ALS, letter sheet, 1p, 9”x 8” (4to), New York, 1835 Mar. 17. Addressed to Joshua Bates. Very fine. Moderate browning, very slight foxing. Letter of introduction for Rev. A. Schermerhorn. Accompanied by printed portrait of Irving by M.J. Danforth.

1 29

Johnson, Samuel (1709-1784). English literary figure.

ALS, 1p, 8”x 5” (12mo), London, 1780 May 9. No addressee [Thomas Warton (note in pencil on back reads: “From the Warton Correspondence”]. Good. Moderate staining and soiling, tape and pencil notations on back. Apology for inadvertently opening mail.

1 30

Lamb, Charles (1775-1834). English essayist and poet.

ANS, 1p, 6”x 4” (12mo), n.p. [Mrs. Leishman’s], [1825 Jul. 16]. Addressed to Thomas Allsop. Good. Moderate soiling, letter inlaid. Humorous message to friend. Note on back signed by Allsop: “This is characteristic.”

1 31

Lincoln, Abraham (1809-1865). 16th U.S. President.

ANS on scrap, lined paper, 1p, 5”x 3”, n.p., 1864 Apr. 20. No addressee. Very fine. Note written on scrap paper with writing on back. Referring to soldier missing from his regiment. Housed in plastic sleeve.

1 32

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth (1807-1882). American poet.

ALS, 4pp, 7”x 4” (8vo), Cambridge MA, 1871 May 31. Addressed to Hon. Edward Twisleton. Fine. Very minor foxing in one corner, pin holes in each corner. Acknowledging receipt of book sent by Twisleton.

1 33

Lucas, E.V. (Edward Verrall) (1868-1938). English writer.

ANS, 1p, 7”x 4” (8vo), London, 1935 July 28. Addressed to Mr. Baer. Very fine. Slight creases. Acknowledging inclusion on Mr. Baer’s list.

1 34

Markham, Edwin (1852-1940). American poet.

TMsS, 1p, 14”x 8”, n.p., 1930 Apr. Addressed to the editorial office of The New York Times. Fine. Slight chipping and browning at top and right side. Printed copy of poem “Lincoln, the Man of the People”, inscribed and signed by the author.

1 35

Marx, Groucho (1890-1977). American entertainer and comedian.

TLS, 1p, 10”x 7” (4to), Beverly Hills, CA, 1964 Oct. 8. Addressed to Bergen Evans. Very fine. Slight creases. Acknowledging receipt of letter. See Evans, Bergen.

1 36

McAuliffe, Anthony C. (1898-1975). General, U.S. Army.

TDS, 1p, 11”x 8”, New York, [not before 1965 Sept. 21]. Very fine. Minor soiling along top crease, staple holes in upper left. Signature authorizing use of letters to be published in special Christmas book from World Publishing Co.

1 37

McKinley, William (1843-1901). 25th U.S. President.

(a) ALS as attorney with cover, 1p, 8”x 5”, Canton, OH, 1878 Aug. 24. Addressed to Mr. Allen. Fine. Slight yellowing in a T-shape in center of paper, slight fading of ink. Acknowledgement of Allen’s mention in Boston Advertiser of McKinley’s nomination for Congressional Representative. Housed in plastic sleeve.
(b) TLS, 1p, approx. 8”x 6”, Canton, OH, 1896 Aug. 11. Addressed to General Wm. M. Osborne. Very fine. Slight folds, staple holes in upper left. Letter of introduction for Charles Gray. Framed with ticket to Republican National Convention (June 16, 1896), campaign button and campaign ribbon.

1 38

Mencken, H.L. (Henry Louis) (1880-1956). American writer.

TLS, 1p, 5”x 8” (8vo), Baltimore, 1945 Dec. 28. No addressee. Very fine. Slight chipping and wear in lower right. Acknowledgment of receipt of gift book.

1 39

Mitford, Nancy (1904-1973). English writer.

ALS “Nancy”, 4pp, 7”x 5” (8vo), [Paris?], 1955 Dec. 6. Addressed to Roger [Senhouse?]. Very fine. Moderate soiling along horizontal crease on last page, pencil notation in lower right. Response to invitation to England.

1 40

Monneron, Louis (1742-1805?). French statesman, Commissioner of Commerce during the French Revolution.

ALS in French, letter sheet, 2pp, 10”x 7” (4to), n.p., [1799]. Addressed to M. Fortin(?). Good. Moderate browning and foxing; wear along bottom edge, hole where letter was sealed, ink bleeding through paper. A letter on business affairs when Monneron was a Deputy to the National Assembly.

1 41

Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley (1689-1762). English writer and poet; introduced smallpox inoculation to England.

ALS “MWM,” letter sheet, 3pp, 9”x 7” (4to), Chambéry, France, 1741? Dec. 3. Addressed to Henrietta Louisa, Countess of Pomfrey. Fair. Marked browning and foxing, one large ink stain, holes around wax seal, small hole punched in center. Letter describing the town of Chambéry, where she is spending the winter.

1 42

Montgomery, Bernard Law, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein (1887-1976). British Field Marshal.

TLS “Montgomery of Alamein F.M.”, 1p, 9”x 7” (4to), Isington Mill, England, 1960 Mar. 9. Addressed to Ben D. Zevin. Very fine. Small ink smear at bottom. Letter of thanks for sending advance copy of book authored by Montgomery.

1 43

Rickenbacker, Edward V. (1890-1973). American WWI fighter pilot.

TDS, 1p, 11”x 9”, New York, [not before 1965 Sept. 21]. Very good. Moderate chipping and staple holes in upper left, fold running through signature. Signature authorizing use of letter to be published in special Christmas book from World Publishing Co., with typed paragraph by Rickenbacker making changes to caption to be used with his letter.

1 44

Roosevelt, Eleanor (1884-1962). Wife of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

TLS, 1p, 7”x 6”, New York, 1946 Apr. 18. Addressed to H. Jack Lang. Fair. Pronounced staining and glue residue on back. Acknowledging receipt of gift from Lang.

1 45

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882-1945). 32nd U.S. President.

TLS, 1p, “9 x 7” (8vo), Washington, D.C., 1940 Nov. 28. Addressed to William Rothenberg. Very fine. Acknowledging congratulations on his election. Accompanied by original photo of F.D.R. working on his stamp collection.

1 46

Sévigné, Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, Marquise de (1626-1696). French woman of letters.

ALS in French, 2¼pp, 8”x 5” (8vo), Grignan, France, 1695 June 5. Addressed to President de Moulceau, President of the Council Chamber of Montpellier. Good. Moderate browning, slight foxing, two sheets taped together. Chiding Moulceau for not writing. (Copy in shadow box frame with two Sévigné medallions from the French Mint.)

1 47

Shaw, George Bernard (1856-1950). Irish playwright.

ALS “G.B.S.,” 1p, 5” x 4” (16mo), Guildford, England, 1902 Mar. 25. Addressed to Courtenay Thorpe, Esq. Fine. Slight ink smudges. Concerning casting decision for his play “Captain Brassbound’s Conversion”.

1 48

Smith, John. ALS, letter sheet, 1pp, 9”x7”, n.p., [1810 Apr.10?].

Addressed to Captain George Davis. Fair. Marked browning, staining and foxing on address portion of letter sheet, hole where wax seal was removed. Weak, partially-separated folds, one moderate hole and missing section on right side, some fading of ink. Placed in plastic sleeve. Related to shipment of desk to Davis. See also Armory, Cullender & Co., Dickson, William and Davis, George, Captain.

1 49

Smith, Sydney (1771-1845). English clergyman and writer.

AMsS, 1¼pp, 9”x 7”, n.p., 1840 Dec. 10. Addressed to Miss Caroline Elton. Good. Holograph manuscript, minor browning and staining. Some chipping in upper right, weak folds, tape along left edge. Letter begins with poem, then Smith compares his lines to Milton’s.

1 50

Stevenson, Robert Louis (1850-1894). Scottish writer.

LS with original envelope, 3pp, 7”x 4” (8vo), Upolu, Samoa, 1893 Apr. 8. Addressed to Henry Newbolt, Esq. Very fine. Slight soiling on back and very slight smearing of ink. Response to two stories sent for his perusal.

1 51

Steinbeck, John (1902-1968). American writer.

ALS in pencil on ruled legal paper, 2pp, 11”x 8”, n.p., 1957 Feb. 6. Addressed to Marchette Chute, president of the P.E.N. American Association of Authors. Very fine. Minor folds, small piece missing in upper left corner of page 2. Response to invitation to speak at P.E.N. Congress in Tokyo. Housed in plastic sleeves.

1 52

Taft, William Howard (1857-1930). 27th U.S. President; Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court.

(a) TLS, 1p, 9”x 7”, Manchester, VT, 1912 Oct. 7. Addressed to Hon. Howard C. Hollister. Very fine. Ink from signature transferred to top of page due to folding.
(b) Seven TLS, 1-4pp, 3 are 9”x 7”, 4 are 10”x8”, New Haven, CT, 1913 Dec. 13 – 1918 June 20. Addressed to Hon. Howard C. Hollister. Very fine. Correspondence between friends after Taft Administration ended. All housed in plastic sleeves.
(c) TLS from Charles D. Norton (Secretary to the President), 1p, 9”x6”, Washington, D.C., 1910 Nov. 7. Addressed to Hon. Howard C. Hollister. Fine. Prominent folds, moderately faded ink. Acknowledging receipt of letter. Accompanied by 11 photos of Taft on a fishing trip.

1 53

Tagore, Rabindranath, Sir (1861-1941). Indian author and guru.

ALS, 2½pp, 8”x 5”, Santinikitan(?), 1929 Nov. 22. Addressed to Ernest Rhys. Fine. Slight soiling, particularly on folds, rust marks from paper clips at top. Letter of condolence on the death of Rhys’ wife.

1 54

Teller, Edward (1908-2003). Hungarian-born American physicist.

TLS, 1p, 11”x 9” (4to), Berkeley, CA, 1960 Nov. 14. Addressed to H. Jack Lang. Very fine. Moderate folds, slightly faint ink on signature. Discussion of dual versus decimal system.

1 55

Thackeray, William Makepeace (1811-1863). Indian-born English author.

ALS, 1p, 7”x 4” (small 8vo), Kensington, England, n.y. Mar 14. Addressed to Kenyon Booth. (Copy framed with steel and quill pens.) Very good. Marked soiling and staining on every leaf other than front, where text is (soiling very slight there). Acknowledging receipt of card. Letter contains samples of two different styles of handwriting.

1 56 Truman, Harry S. (1884-1972). 33rd U.S. President.

TLS with autographed cover, 1p, 10”x 7”, Independence, MO, 1960 Aug. 15. Addressed to Emery Kelen. Very fine. Moderately prominent folds. Letter of appreciation for Kelen’s book “Platypus At Large”.

1 57

Twain, Mark (1835-1910). American author.

(a) ALS “SL Clemens”, 2pp, separate leaves, 9”x 6” (small 8vo), Syracuse, NY, 1884 Dec. 4. Addressed to Thomas Nast. Very good. Marked staining on back of both leaves that bleeds through slightly, particularly at top. Thank you letter. Accompanied by page cut out of magazine, showing Nast cartoon of Twain. Placed in plastic sleeve. (Copy framed with copy of Nast cartoon.)

(b) Enlarged photostat of cartoon. Placed in plastic sleeve.

1 58

Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of India (1819-1901).

AN written in the third person, 1p, 7” x 4” (small 8vo), Buckingham Palace (London), 1856 Jul. 9. Addressed to Henry du Pré Labouchere. Very fine. Slight to moderate browning. Approving appointment of governor of Jamaica, written on colorful, monogrammed Buckingham Palace stationery. Accompanied by printed portrait; original by Chappel.

1 59

Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet de (1694-1778). French philosopher and author.

LS “V” in French, 2½pp, 9”x 7” (4to), Ferney, France, 1772 Apr. 10. Addressed to Madame Marie Du Deffand, Marquise de Vichy. Fine. Slight fading of ink, moderate bleeding of ink through paper. Reproaching the Marquise for not writing. (Copy framed with engraving of portrait by La Tour.)

1 60

Walpole, Horace, 4th Earl of Orford (1717-1797). English author.

ALS, letter sheet, 2¾pp, 8”x 6” (4to), Strawberry Hill, Twickenham, England, 1787 Dec. 9. Addressed to his cousin, Thomas Walpole. Fine. Hole where wax seal was removed, staple holes in center vertical fold. Slight browning and fading of ink. Congratulating his cousin on his marriage. (Copy in a large frame with portrait.)

1 61

Weaver, Charley (1905-1974). American comedian and actor.

ANS, 1p, 3”x 5”, New York, 1959 Jun. 11. Addressed to Al Fisher. Very fine. Faint paper clip mark at bottom. Postcard showing Cliff Arquette’s Soldiers Museum, giving permission to use letters in Wolf Magazine of Letters.

1 62

Webster, Daniel (1782-1852). American statesman, lawyer and orator.

ALS, 1p, 10”x 8, Boston, 1826 July 1. Addressed to Messrs. Sturgis, Sprague, Read, Drefen and Buckingham. Very good. Marked staining and wear around edges, some fading of ink. Response to invitation to attend 4th of July celebration at Exchange Coffee House. Address on back shows that letter was sent by Sprague to the Sanitary Fair, Cleveland, OH on 1864 Feb. 9. Accompanied by printed portrait of Webster.

1 63

Webster, Noah (1758-1843). American lexicographer and philologist.

ALS, 1p, 8”x 7” (4to), New Haven, CT, 1823 Oct. 11. Addressed to William Woodward. Fine. Moderate browning and glue residue on back, slight tears and separations. Requesting Mr. Woodward’s help in selling Webster’s book “Letters to a Young Gentleman”.

1 64

White, E.B. (Elwyn Brooks) (1899-1985). American writer.

TLS, 1p, 11”x 9”, North Brooklyn, ME, 1980 Jan. 3. Addressed to William F. Bolger. Very fine. Slight folds. Response to a question about memorable letters received.

1 65

White, William Allen (1868-1944). American writer.

TLS, 1p, 6”x 9”, Emporia, KS, 1941 Oct. 14. Addressed to Harry Heuschkel. Very fine. Slight folds, slight rust mark from paper clip at top. Response to request for autograph.

1 66

Wilde, Oscar (1854-1900). Irish author and playwright.

ALS, 3¾pp, 7” x 5” (8vo), Chelsea (London, England), n.d. Addressed to an unidentified editor. Very good. Moderate soiling and browning, staple holes in upper portion. Protesting his misidentification as “John” in a review of his play. Housed in plastic sleeve.

1 67

Woollcott, Alexander (1887-1943). American author and critic.

TLS “A. Woollcott” and “A.W.”, 1p, 10”x 7”, New York, n.d. Addressed to Rev. Bronson. Very fine. Slight folds. Requesting a bottle of whisky for Christmas.

Series 2: Documentation
2 1

Adams, Abigail

2 2

Adams, John

2 3

Carlyle, Jane Welsh

2 4

Carroll, Lewis

2 5

Case Western Reserve University regarding Lang donation of Letter Collection

2 6

Chesterfield, Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of

2 7

Churchill, Winston, Sir

2 8

Cleaveland, Moses [document held at Western Reserve Historical Society]

2 9

Cowper, William

2 10

Dickens, Charles

2 11

FitzGerald, Edward

2 12

Flaubert, Gustave

2 13 Gandhi, Mohandas K., Mahatma
2 14 Johnson, Samuel
2 15 Lamb, Charles
2 16 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
2 17 Mitford, Nancy
2 18 Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley
2 19 Sévigné, Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, Marquise de
2 20 Shaw, George Bernard
2 21 Steinbeck, John
3 1 Stevenson, Robert Louis
3 2 Thackeray, William Makepeace
3 3 Twain, Mark
3 4 Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, Empress of India
3 5 Voltaire, Francois Marie Arouet de
3 6 Walpole, Horace, 4th Earl of Orford
3 7 Wilde, Oscar
3 8 Various
3 9 Various
Series 3: Miscellaneous
3 10 Miscellaneous
3 11 Miscellaneous
Series 4: The Wolf Magazine of Letters
3 12 The Wolf Magazine of Letters, June/July 1979-December/January 1986
3 13 The Wolf Magazine of Letters, February/March 1986-Summer Quarterly 1991

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