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Summary of the Karal Ann Marling Collection

Series I: Federal Art in Cleveland Project Files

Section A: Administrative Files
Section B: Research Notes
Section C: Location Files
Section D: Artist Files

Series II: Federal Art Programs' Records

Section A: Federal Art Project
Section B: Section of Painting and Sculpture
Section C: Treasury Relief Art Project
Section D: Public Works of Art Project
Section E: Municipal Art Collection

Series III: Miscellaneous Publications

Series IV: Photographs

Series V: Card Files

While the papers are arranged as outlined above, in order to make them easier to use consistency has, in some cases, been sacrificed. For example, transcripts of interviews with project artists and administrators conducted by students are not with other student papers, but are with the worksheets in the artist files. Similarly, in those few cases that Dr. Marling's original artist files contained copies of correspondence about individuals, the copies were left in the artist files rather than transferred to the appropriate project's correspondence.

Some duplication has also been permitted, particularly between the artist and location files. Even though the same information is often recorded, it was felt that the value of access by artist or location of art work outweighted any disadvantages of retaining duplicates.

Because of these exceptions, patrons are urged to check the more detailed finding aids.

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