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Online Catalog will be unavailable Thursday, August 21

Beginning around 7 a.m. our online catalog will be unavailable during business hours. Users who are not able to access the CWRU catalog are encouraged to search the OhioLINK central catalog at http://olc1.ohiolink.edu/search.

Special Collections: Policies


The Special Collections Research Center is open to any interested researcher upon presentation of a valid CASE ID or other valid official identification card.

Special tours or presentations may be arranged by application to the Special Collections staff.

The Henry R. Hatch Reading Room

The Henry R. Hatch Reading Room, located in Special Collections on the second floor of Kelvin Smith Library is named in memory of Henry Reynolds Hatch, a prominent Cleveland businessman and philanthropist who was a generous supporter of both Western Reserve University and Adelbert College. Of note in this lovely setting is the Pazyryk Carpet, a reproduction of the earliest and most significant pile-weave carpet discovered in modern history.

Instructions for Use of the Henry R. Hatch Reading Room
  • Registration information is requested of all visitors using Special Collections materials.
  • If the text of the materials being requested from Special Collections is available in a more widely accessible repository or database, visitors may be asked to use that for all preliminary research.
  • Requests for use of material in the Reading Room should be made in advance of a visit to Special Collections by contacting the Special Collections reference desk: (216) 368-0189 or kslspecialcollections@case.edu. On demand requests for service cannot always be accomodated. A limited number of materials may be kept on reserve for daily use by arrangement with the staff.
  • The Henry R. Hatch Reading Room is a designated quiet study area of the Kelvin Smith Library. Patrons using Special Collections material will be given preference in seating.
  • All briefcases, coats and packages must be stored away from patron work tables.  Readers may be required to submit large handbags for inspection upon leaving the department.
  • Food and drink are prohibited in the Reading Room.
  • Portable computing devices may be used in the Reading Room; CWRU wifi network available.
Instructions for Use of Special Collections Research Center Materials
  • All Special Collections materials are non-circulating. The stacks are open only to the Special Collections staff.
  • Extreme care must be taken by the reader in the use of Special Collections materials. Under no circumstances should the reader rearrange, alter or mark materials.
  • Books must not be laid open face down or propped open with other volumes or objects. Foam supports and book weights will be provided upon request.
  • Pencils only may be used in the Reading Room.
  • Readers must not make tracings or rubbings of materials nor write on paper laid on them.
  • Readers are asked to bring uncut leaves or any peculiarities or mutilations to the attention of the staff.
  • Manuscripts must lie flat on the surface of the reading table and kept in the exact order in which they were received. Any apparent disarrangement should be reported to the Special Collections staff.
  • Patrons may use only one manuscript box, or in some cases, one manuscript folder at any given time.
  • Publication of manuscript materials requires permission of the Librarian, citation in a prescribed manner and compliance with present copyright laws. Citations should be written as follows: Special Collections Research Center, Kelvin Smith Library, Case Western Reserve University.
  • Readers must, in person, return all materials to the staff.

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Collections FAQ

Why isn't the book on the shelf?
Find out where a book is before you go to the shelf. Search the Case Catalog to see what it says like
- "Check Shelves" (look on the shelves, find it, & check it out);
- "Just Checked In" (ask staff for help, it's nearby, but too soon to be back on the shelves yet);
- "Off Campus" (out at an OhioLINK school);
- "Due mm/dd/yyyy" (it’s checked out until that date.) 
Tip: If it is not available, order an OhioLINK copy
Can I return books to a different Library?

Return Case or OhioLINK items to any Case library, yes. Case libraries have different hours, so your book might not get checked in on the day you return it if you use a bookdrop.

Return the CPL@Case-KSL books only to KSL, so the collection is here for you & others. Case libraries are not responsible for returning other local libraries’ books. Returning public library books here will not check them off of your account at those libraries.

What does "Check Shelves" mean?
"Check Shelves" means it is supposed to be on the shelf. If it isn’t there, double-check what the Case Catalog currently says to make sure that nobody else has checked it out or has kept it out too long.
How long does reshelving take?
The times are different, depending on what is being reshelved and what time of semester it is. KSL goal: to reshelve journals within 24 weekday hours, reshelve books within 48 hours. During peak times (end of semester) the time can be longer. Ask staff at the Main Service Desk for help.
How do I reserve a book?
Books are on the shelves for anyone who needs them, and are not reserved for individual use. If our book is checked out, order a copy from the OhioLINK.
Where are the UL Storage Stacks?
KSL has a university center half a mile from KSL, where lesser used or brittle books are kept, and the catalog search screen will display "UL Storage." You can visit the Center during daytime hours, or use an online request form to bring back the item to KSL. The center is now called RRCC (Retrospective Research Collections Center.)
Can I get a book or video on a specific date?
Yes, Case faculty, staff, & students can find out more details and use a convenient online request form for Book a Video or DVD  (KSL’s other collections are available only on a first-come basis for everyone, and cannot be booked ahead of time.)
What does a Book on Order mean? When will it get here?
When the catalog item displays “1 copy ordered for (library name)” the item is already in the library getting the final processing labels, etc., and will soon be on the shelf! Ask staff if there are other copies avaialable in OhioLINK in the meantime, or if you have an urgent need.
What is a PIN?
Your PIN is not assigned, you choose what it is and enter it on the Case Catalog at “View Your Library Record,” following the instructions. A Case Library PIN is a Personal Identification Number that protects your information, just like your bank ATM asks for a similar security PIN.
How do I get a library account & where can I look at it?
Case faculty, staff, and students automatically have online library accounts. You can look at it on the Case Catalog under “View your library record.” Use your library account to renew items on line and keep track of what you have checked out or ordered from OhioLINK or RRCC or Iron Mountain sites. Your Case ID is your library card!

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