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Linoleum Cut - A Relief Process

   Symphonic Reaction by Sheffield Kagy
          Linoleum Cut, 9 3/4" x 8 3/4"

The comparatively recent discovery of using linoleum as a substitute for the traditional wood block has placed into the hands of both students and artists one of the most fascinating art mediums. Linoleum being so much softer and easier to cut, the surface can be removed in the necessary areas to produce the design by means of "U" and "V" shaped gouges. Each gouge mark produces a white area in the print. After cutting the block, it is inked and printed by applying pressure to the paper laid over the printed surface. Ernest W. Watson in his excellent book Linoleum Block Printing makes the following statement: "It is fun to make prints. Give the beginner a few blocks which have already been engraved and watch his enjoyment as he rolls the ink upon them, puts them under the press, and eagerly inspects the print. How much more fascinated will he be when he makes his first proof of the block which he himself has designed."

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