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Faculty Study Carrels


The library is pleased to collaborate with the College of Arts and Sciences in offering some graduate study carrels for faculty use. The College of Arts and Sciences selects the carrel assignees in late August each year, and sends those names to the library for carrel assignments.

Carrel Details

Faculty can choose a carrel that suits their research or study needs, and carrel keys are checked out to the faculty member's library account in September. Keys are due back to KSL the next July at the end of the summer term.

  • Carrels are on the main floor near the journal shelving along East Blvd. On the 3rd floor, carrels are inside the large reading room and near the book shelving along East Blvd.
  • Two locking upper bins provide storage for your work materials
  • Task light mounted under the upper bins illuminates a 46"x28" desk space
  • Electrical outlets in a recessed port saves your batteries and your desktop space
  • Photocopiers are on each floor
  • Wireless access is available throughout KSL, and is most effective in open areas

Study carrels offer a quiet retreat from the office, and the opporunity to store and use personal research items in tandem with library-use-only items. Keep all your work with library materials checked out to you in one place, convenient when you are working on a new project. Also, when you're working long hours, a faculty carrel and a nearby big black leather chair can offer an excellent respite from your busy office!

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