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Assigned Faculty Study Spaces at KSL

CWRU faculty can request a dedicated research space in the Kelvin Smith Library. There are five individual study rooms — each furnished with their own desk, chair, lockable file cabinet, and a library book truck. In addition, there is one shared room for five faculty members furnished with desks, chairs, and lockers for coats and personal belongings.

All of these rooms are secured. Faculty members are assigned keys to each space. These rooms can be accessed whenever KSL is open, including during 24x7. All rooms have electrical outlets and access to WiFi.

Faculty study rooms are assigned for an academic year on a first-come, first-served basis. If the demand exceeds the available space, they are then assigned using a lottery system. Assignment of a study room for this year does not guarantee any priority or preference for an assignment in the next academic year.

More information about this service:

  • Any library materials (books, journals, etc.) kept in the room overnight or longer must be checked out. KSL reserves the right to inspect the room to ensure that all materials are properly checked out.
  • All rules that apply elsewhere concerning library circulation policies or building-use policies apply to these rooms and materials contained therein. For example, materials checked out are subject to recall if needed by another user, and no smoking will be permitted in the faculty study room.
  • KSL bears no responsibility for the security, loss, or damage of any personal belongings that might be stored in the room.
  • Furniture within the room that is mobile may be arranged however is preferred. However, all furniture must remain inside the locked study room. 
  • The glass wall panels or door window are not to be covered.
  • These are quiet spaces intended for research and writing. They are not designed to be used as office space, group meeting space, or to conduct phone calls.

If you are interested in applying for a faculty study space, please complete the following form:


Please call 368-2992 or email ksl-mail@case.edu if you have any questions. 

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