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Campus Training


The Center for Statistics and Geospatial Data (CSGD) coordinates training for various GIS and statistical software packages used on campus. Training dates will be posted via the GISusers listserv (Mailing List) and on this web site.

Free on-campus training classes for Case students, staff, and faculty will be available Spring 2014 through CaseLearns.  Non-Case may register (space permitting) for $100.

To register, go to the CaseLearns website.  Space is limited!


GIS & Statistics Workshops


Making Your First Map - Thur., April 3rd  2-5pm

General introduction to GIS (geographic information systems) and ArcGIS (v10.2) software.  In this course you will learn how to explore geographic data, symbolize categorical and quantitative data, label map features, and make a map layout.

Introduction to SPSS - Wed., Feb 5th  9am-noon

General introduction to SPSS (v21), designed for those who want to learn how to use SPSS for basic statistical analysis. Topics include working with and defining variables, running basic statistical tests, creating frequency distributions, measuring central tendency & dispersion, calculating standard scores, and creating basic graphs & scatterplots. 

Intermediate SPSS - Mon., Mar 3rd  9am-noon

Picking up where "Introduction to SPSS" leaves off, participants will learn how to use more advanced statistical functions. Topics include making predictions and associations using Pearson & Spearman correlations, calculating simple & multiple linear regressions, advanced graphing and more.


Statistical Collaboration or Consulting

The SR2c center (Center for Research, Computing, and Collaboration), located in the Deptartment of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, is open to all schools, scientists, and other interested parties who seek innovative statistical collabortion or practical support.  For more information, visit: .




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