The Freedman Center

Data Services


The Center for Statistics and Geospatial Data (CSGD) provides a free campus-wide resource for statistical analysis and geographic information systems (GIS) use. It alleviates the common challenges numeric and geographic information users face in finding appropriate data, obtaining that data in a useable format and utilizing data analysis tools.

Providing the support services necessary to effectively use statistics and geospatial data is a critical mission for the CSGD. Support services are of two types:

  • Tools: providing the tools necessary for effective research including data files and the software to use them.
  • Data: providing guidance in finding appropriate datasets for their research.

Some basic services the CSGD provides to statistic and geospatial data users are:

  • Providing mediated location and retrieval of data files.
  • Facilitating access to statistical analysis and GIS software tools.
  • Coordinating basic training on using statistical analysis and GIS software tools.
  • Fostering statistical and geospatial data use and application across the Case campus departments.
  • Map and poster printing.

NEW FOR STAFF AND FACULTY!!  "Maps-on-Demand" service to create maps for research needs.

Assistance may be provided to those outside the Case community, fees may apply in some instances.

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