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The Center for Statistics and Geospatial Data (CSGD) provides a free campus-wide resource for statistical analysis and geographic information systems (GIS) use. It alleviates the common challenges numeric and geographic information users face in finding appropriate data, obtaining that data in a useable format and utilizing data analysis tools.

Providing the support services necessary to effectively use statistics and geospatial data is a critical mission for the CSGD. Support services are of three types:

  • Data: providing guidance and/or assistance in finding appropriate datasets for research.
  • Tools: providing the tools necessary for effective research including data files and the software to use them.
  • Project Consultation/Collaboration: providing support and/or being a partner in short or long-term research projects. 

Some basic services the CSGD provides to statistic and geospatial data users are:

  • Providing mediated location and retrieval of data files.
  • Facilitating access to statistical analysis and GIS software tools.
  • Coordinating basic training on using statistical analysis and GIS software tools.
  • Fostering statistical and geospatial data use and application.
  • Map and poster printing.
  • "Maps-on-Demand" service to create maps for faculty research needs.  ie: maps for grant or research project proposals, journal submissions, book publications, or spatial data projects.

GIS support and mapping services are extended free of charge to all University Circle Institutions!   Assistance may be provided to those outside the Case or UCI community, however fees may apply in some instances.

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