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There is a wealth of statistical and geocoded data available through resources located at the CSGD and through links to web-based data. Below are listed some of the data only available through the CSGD. There is also a large "electronic library" of GIS data collected from around the world, mostly in shapefile format, kept on the CSGD data server. You are welcome to stop in and browse the collection, the data is free to use for any Case affiliate. Those outside the Case community may place requests for data, and in some cases we can email you the file(s) of interest or point you to the source from which we obtained the data. Unfortunately some data sets are restricted to educational use only and cannot be distributed.



Census CD 2000 Long Form - Entire U.S. Census SF3 data set. Contains 5,500 variables at the block group level. Data is organized by state. (CD-ROMs)

Census CD 2000 Long Form Profile - An overview containing 420 variables about employment, income, poverty, education, language, ancestry, housing value and many others. (CD- ROMs)

CNTS Archive Cross National Time Series - Covers demographic, economic and political data for range of countries 1815 - present. (Diskette)

ICPSR - Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) maintains and provides access to a vast archive of social science data for research and instruction.(connect via web)

Neighborhood Change Database 1970-2000 - US Census data from 1970-2000 at the census tract level. Census data with variables and tract boundaries are consistently defined across census years. (CD-ROMs)



Global Climate - Contains monthly temperature and precipitation data from over 27,000 stations worldwide. Date range covers 1697-2001. (CD-ROMs)

Lightning Flash Data - Contains lightning flash count data and geographic coordinates for Ohio (2003). (CD-ROMs)

World Resources 2000-2001 - Global conditions and trends. Contains vital economic, population, natural resource and environmental statistics found in print edition, plus 20-year time series for many variables. (CD-ROMs)



Cuyahoga County Planimetrics - Building footprints, road pavement edges, bridges, waterways, etc. in .dwg format (1993). (CD-ROMS)

National Transportation Atlas Database - Nationwide geographic databases of transportation facilities, transportation networks and associated infrastructure. (CD-ROMs)

State of Ohio GIS Files - A variety of Geographical data throughout the state of Ohio, complied by the Ohio Department of Transportation. (CD-ROMs)

Summit County Planimetrics - Building footprints, road pavement edges, bridges, waterways, etc. in .dxf format (2000). (CSGD data server)



Cuyahoga County - County wide digital black & white orthophotos in ERMapper format. (CD-ROMs)

Geauga County - County wide digital color orthophotos in MrSid format. (CD-ROMs)

Lake County - County wide digital black & white orthophotos in MrSid format. (CD-ROMs)

Summit County - County wide color orthophotos in MrSid format. (CSGD data server)


Cuyahoga County Topographic Data - 2' countours in .dwg format (1993). (CD-ROMs)

Summit County Topographic Data - 2' countours in .dxf format (2000). (CSGD data server)

USGS 7.5-Minute Quadrangles - Nationwide digital color orthophotos that can be exported into several GIS and CADD formats. (CD-ROMs)

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