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 Join us April 6th from 12:00pm - 1:30pm for our Freedman Fellow's presentation


Gillian Weiss

History professor Gillian Weiss, PhD student Elise Hagesfeld, and undergraduate researchers will discuss their Freedman Fellows project on the role of Jewish students, faculty and administrators in campus activism. The years 1967-1973 saw the federation of Western Reserve University and Case Institute of Technology, the mobilization of the campus in response to wars in Vietnam and the Middle East, unrest in the Cleveland neighborhoods of Glenville and Hough, and the civil rights and women’s movements in the United States. To what extent was “the American Jew…at the forefront of the youth movement today,” as a CWRU senior declared in 1968?

The presentation will take place in the Freedman Center Collaboration Commons.  Lunch will be served.

Dr. Gillian Weiss
Associate Professor of History



About the program

The Freedman Fellows Program is funded and supported by the College of Arts and Sciences, the Kelvin Smith Library and the Freedman Fellows Endowment by Samuel B. and Marian K. Freedman. This annual award is given to full-time CWRU faculty whose current scholarly research projects involve some corpus of data that is of scholarly or instructional interest (e.g., data sets, digital texts, digital images, databases), involve the use of digital tools and processes, and have clearly articulated project outcomes.

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