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Congratulations to our 2016 Freedman Fellows!


Elliot Posner  The research, carried out by Associate Professor of Political Science Elliot Posner and Nicolas Véron (Bruegel and the Peterson Institute for International Economics), addresses core scholarly and public policy questions about the European Union’s role in international affairs.  Is Europe a good internationalist supporting cooperation, human rights and good governance, or is it like any other giant polity that pursues such goals to the extent that they correspond to narrow “national” interests?  Because the EU is the world’s largest market, the answer to this question has enormous implications for the future of global financial regulation – a domain that the 2008 financial crisis taught us can affect everyone from Goldman Sachs bankers to average working families.  Working closely with Freedman Center staff, the fellowship will enable Posner and an undergraduate research assistant to transfer the existing dataset into an appropriate digital platform that will make it easier to adhere to fast-changing new standards in political science for organizing, disseminating and storing qualitative data.  In addition, Posner and a graduate research assistant will use the fellowship to improve the project's current textual analysis.  Using more sophisticated techniques for analyzing big data will make it possible to evaluate hypotheses and replicate and advance existing studies.
 Shannon Sterne Assistant Professor of Dance Shannon Sterne will convene a collaborative creative research project entitled "Small Talk," which will investigate the displacement and misrepresentation of introverted individuals by socio-cultural norms. Together with Eric Charnofsky, Instructor in the Department of Music, and Cleveland video artist Jared Michael Sobotka, Sterne will explore contemporary scholarly viewpoints on introversion and interpret them via interdisciplinary and collaborative integration of live performance, projected digital photography and videography, and aural stimuli. This process-driven creative work will serve to encourage new avenues of expression and to enhance understanding of how concepts or ideas are transformed by the mode of expression, and then altered once again as that mode - that viewpoint - comes into contact with alternative interpretations
Gillian Weiss Associate Professor of History Gillian Weiss will continue her project to uncover the historical role of Jewish students, faculty, and administrators in the social movements, physical infrastructure, and intellectual life of Case Western Reserve University from its founding to the present.  A website featuring archival documents, images, video and audio, and interactive finding aids with accompanying explanatory essays, will be developed during the course of the Fellowship.


About the program

The Freedman Fellows Program is funded by the Freedman Fellows Endowment by Samuel B. and Marian K. Freedman, the Kelvin Smith Library and the College of Arts and Sciences. This annual award is given to full-time CWRU faculty whose current scholarly research projects involve some corpus of data that is of scholarly or instructional interest (e.g., data sets, digital texts, digital images, databases), involve the use of digital tools and processes, and have clearly articulated project outcomes.

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