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Brad Ricca


Brad Ricca, Ph.D., Fulltime Lecturer, Department of English. Brad’s proposal focused on the redesign of USSY 275 (CRN: 59876) COLORS, CAPES, AND CHARACTERS. “This course – proposed by myself in 2006 and first offered in spring of 2007 – is the first academic course on the history and study of superhero comics at Case Western Reserve University. My goals as a possible Freedman Fellow are to be able to 1) use these artifacts in imaginative ways as subjects of original research by students of USSY 275 and 2) develop a system of digital deployment whereby the students’ work can be published in a critical, scholarly form that will not only be of great use to viewers, but also as a permanent (but evolving) fixture of the Superman Collection at KSL. In short, I want the students to use the material as original research for a project in which they will share in the credit...Since these materials are old and valuable, scanning (as well as other transcription methods) is imperative, but I want students to engage the material. I want them to identify the questions raised by these materials and evaluate them – not copy them. When the material is eventually published (on the Web? a circulating DVD? video podcasts linked to each piece of material? a digital course pack for local schools?) what I want to be represented are not the actual artifacts, but the students’ critical interactions with them.”

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