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Daniel Goldmark

Goldmark 2011

Music department faculty Daniel Goldmark knows what musical life in Cleveland was like 100 years ago. He's researched & acquired 900+ pieces of Cleveland-produced sheet music, covering musical genres from 1890-1950s, including the theme song for the Exposition. Goldmark says his Freedman Fellows 2011 project is about "the presentation of the Cleveland musical story, the diversity of publishers, and how the mass media in music started."

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This project will investigate the exponential growth of the popular music industry in the United States from 1890 to 1925 by examining its main product, sheet music. I plan to combine historical methods with data analysis techniques that have been little used in musicology to provide new insight to the history of American music while taking advantage of the countless examples of sheet music available in online digital archives. My goal is to create a cultural history of the popular song business, known by the nickname Tin Pan Alley. The proposed project would allow me to combine my current research interests with topics that I explore in the classroom (how music becomes  popular through the devices of mass media) while bringing new technology to bear on musicology, a discipline that is far behind in the use of data organization and interpretation methodologies.

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