The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship

Kristine Kelly


My project proposal involves designing an undergraduate SAGES seminar tentatively to be titled, Order and Context: Storytelling and Digital Critique. This course will be based on the related objectives of exploring the relationship between narrative form and content and using multimedia technologies to develop novel ways of teaching and producing research writing.

My primary focus is on how the structural qualities of stories (textual, cinematic, artistic) contribute to the production of culturally valuable meanings. I envision a sequence of multimedia assignments that offer hands¿on opportunities to both critique and participate in this production. In proposing this course, I am responding to what I see as a need to reinvigorate research writing processes and to account responsibly for the experience and interests of students in multimedia technologies. While multimedia projects are clearly already of interest in literary studies, methods of production, pedagogical objectives, and terms of evaluation are in the process of development. I see my project as participating in this process. In using the resources of the Freedman Center, I hope to become technologically literate and thus to be able to explore the creative potentials of digital media for scholarly research.

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