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Melvyn Goldstein

Dr. Goldstein and the Center for Research on Tibet have been collecting and translating oral history interviews and documents relating to modern Tibetan history and society for over three decades. These materials, all of which are part of the Tibet Oral History and Archive Project (TOHAP), are a unique primary source on the social and political history of modern Tibet and Sino-Tibetan relations. The collection consists of approximately 1,600 hours of oral interviews with both the “common folk” who lived in villages in traditional Tibet, as well as in depth interviews with monks from Drepung, Tibet’s largest monastery.  To prepare these interviews for publication in an online archive hosted by the Library of Congress, Dr. Goldstein worked to correct TEI-XML syntax errors from this large corpus of data. Encoding the data in TEI expanded the availability of this valuable primary resource, and amplified how it can be used by other scholars for years to come.

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