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Peter McCall

thumb_mccall Peter McCall, JD, Ph.D., Professor, Geological Sciences; Director, Environmental Studies Program. Dr. McCall’s proposal pointed out some of the problems of traditional lab/learning environments and the potential solutions multimedia offer: “I depend on items brought into lecture to increase student ability to identify important rocks, fossils, and preserved biologic specimens. While this is effective with small numbers of students, as class size increases not everyone can see the important features of a specimen as I am pointing them out. By the time students examine specimens that are passed around, I have often moved on to some other topic. It is impractical to give all the students access to specimens before exams. This is an area of instruction that is ripe for virtual learning. At a minimum I would like to put online labeled digital images of the items I pass around in class and on which students will be tested. Well executed narrated video clips of each would likely be even better, as multimedia learning via words and pictures is thought to be more effective than either alone, simultaneous presentation is better than sequential, and animation and narration are better than text and pictures, at least with low knowledge learners.” And this is what the Freedman Center has set out to help Dr. McCall do.

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