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Peter Yang

Peter Yang

I have been interested in using instructional technology in my teaching for years. I experimented with the use of DVDs, CDs, and Web resources in my German and Chinese language courses and found digital and multimedia technologies very useful to enhance the student learning especially because these technologies have the capability of exposing students to authentic linguistic and cultural materials.

I plan to pursue the Freedman project of curricular redesign to technologically enhance my SAGES seminars by creating an online learning portal for these courses. In this Freedman Fellow project, I will participate in the week-long Freedman Fellow seminar on the capabilities of multimedia technologies and digital tools and work closely with other Freedman Fellows and Freedman Center technical experts. The intensive instruction will be an excellent opportunity to explore the potential of digital and multimedia technologies for leaning enhancement and communicate the ingenious ideas and most effective ways in various Freedman proposals of using these technologies to enhance the engaged and collaborative student learning. I will greatly benefit from learning these ideas from other Freedman Fellows and Freedman Center experts and will have great time to discuss with them how I can incorporate the use of technologies into my learning modules to transform my SAGES seminars as part of world’s most powerful learning environment at CWRU.

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