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Sara Waller


Sara Waller, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Cognitive Science. Sara’s proposal focused on a redesign of PHIL – COGS -BIOL 314 (PHIL 414) course on the philosophy of animal consciousness and cognition for the upcoming 2007-2008 academic year. “First, it will give me assistance in re-developing several of my PowerPoint based lectures to include more animal behavior video and more animal vocalization audio. Second, it will help me to digitize and present recordings of animals in action from remote locations (such as the wolves, coyotes and foxes living in Wolf Park Indiana, and Pacific bottlenose dolphins living off the coast of southern California). I already have several hours of such recordings that can be processed and presented to the class to enhance their experience in observing animals. Further, a prior research grant of mine recently funded the purchase of a boat and field equipment useful for making new recordings of dolphins and other marine life. Such fresh information will undoubtedly make the course more informative and more exciting. Freedman Center Fellowship Application 2007 Sara Waller Third, I would like to explore the possibility of developing a live webcam-style feed from remote locations, especially Wolf Park Indiana, but also including the Cleveland APL.” A student is currently in the Freedman Center digitizing the dolphin recordings.

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