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Yanna Popova


I propose to redesign COGS 329, Performance and Cognition: Cognitive Approaches to Theatre and Dance. This is a permanently approved course for the Department of Cognitive Science that has already been taught once in the spring of 2008. As intended, it attracted a population of cognitive science majors but also students from the department of theatre and dance. The course combines empirical research on the brain, including the neuroscience of motion, with studies of performance, both live and pre-recorded. The course was intended and continues to be highly multidisciplinary, linking a more traditional approach to the body in theatre and dance studies to a most up-to-date research on embodied cognition. Firstly, analysis of movement can only be successful if students are able to incorporate certain knowledge of video editing and produce their own materials for analysis in class. A second crucial aspect of the intended use of technology for this course involves teaching students to be able to utilize brain images. One of the objectives of this course is to learn about the processes in human brains that are responsible for movement, on the one hand, and to assess the implications of that knowledge for our aesthetic experience of performance (in both drama and dance), on the other.

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