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Multimedia Services


Multimedia Services

The Freedman Center provides a number of multimedia services designed to help your projects and research reach their digital potential. Staff is on-hand to assist in getting you started and can point users to helpful tutorials along the way. While our workstations are primarily Windows-based, we do offer a Mac for patrons who wish to work with Apple products.

Digitization of Audio & Video

Our facility offers the tools needed to turn analog media into digital format. We support the digitization of sources such as VHS, Beta, U-Matic, Laser Disc, Cassette, LPs, and more!

Sound & Video Editing

The Freedman Center hosts software to facilitate sound and video editing in programs such as Adobe Elements, Audacity, iTunes, Roxio, Sound Forge, TPMG (Tsunami), and more.

Input of Digital Images & Multimedia Files into Electronic Dissertations

Workstations are equipped with a full set of desktop publishing and image editing software including the Adobe Suite, Sony Media, and ComicLife. In addition, we have a variety of scanners to allow for digitizing documents, photos, slides, film strips, and more.

Equipment Loan

Available at the Service Center on the first floor of Kelvin Smith Library, the Freedman Center provides a variety of high-end loanable equipment to capture audio and video for projects and presentations. We also offer other devices such as GPS, digital headphones, tablet devices, laptops, laser pointers, and rentable projectors and screens.

Large Format Printing

We offer poster printing services for our customers in need of large-format printing. Commonly, this service is used to print research posters and large maps. You may schedule an appointment with staff for a consultation about your poster or take advantage of our drop-off service; click here to learn more.

Collaboration Corner

This new addition to the Freedman Center allows up to four laptops to display content on one large screen.  The connection to the screen is wireless, making it easy to bring in a personal laptop and start collaborating on projects.

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