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Premium Services

Premium Services are digitization services rather than creative services. The Freedman Center only offers to perform the process of digitization of analog media. While creative services, such as cropping and enchancing scanned material, are not availabile, Center staff are happy to assist in guiding you through the process of performing these processes yourself.

Copyright restrictions
The Freedman Center will not digitize material that is commercial-- this means either in full or small portions/excerpts. Only non-commercial media will be accepted for Premium Services.  If you are looking to digitize copyrighted material with permission from the copyright holder, please speak to a manager.  

All Premium Services carry a $10.00 minimum. For a formal quote please bring your materials into the Freedman Center.  A manager will need time to review your materials before a final cost and time to completion can be determined.  Please allow 1-2 business days for this process.  As all post-production work on digitized material must be done in the Freedman Center, these services are only available to members of the campus community.  Pricing estimates are below.

Source Material


Output File

Audio Cassette

$10.00 per side

.wav file (44khz 16bit stereo)

VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, High 8mm, Digital 8mm video tape

$25.00 per tape

.avi file (DV Codec)

Betamax, U-matic,

$35.00 per tape

.avi file (DV Codec)

35mm Slides (non-glass mounted)

$1.00 per slide


Strip Negatives (Black/White or Color, 4-7 pictures per strip)

$5.00 per strip


APS film cartridges

$20.00 per roll if it loads


CD Duplication

$2 per disk - 10 disk minimum.


DVD Duplication

$3 per disk - 10 disk minimum.



Once digitized, files will be saved to a folder on a computer for pickup.  Patrons should bring their own storage devices to retrieve their media files or drop one off for files to be transferred to prior to completion of the project.


Specialty Premium Services

These are specialized digitization services that involve equipment not available for community use.  If you would like one of the following types of media digitized, please bring the entire corpus to the Freedman Center to be evaluated by a manager. Patrons must provide a hard drive to place final materials onto. Exact pricing is available through consultation only - generally the rates are based on the following:

Source Material


Output File

Open reel audio (often referred to as reel to reel)

$20.00 per side (+$2 per splice or leader if required)

.wav file (44khz 16bit stereo)

16mm & 16mm with sound film

$25.00 per reel (+$2 per splice or leader if required)

Source HD .MPG2 file, Trimmed SD .MPG2 File, Trimmed .MP4 file.

8mm & Super 8mm film (excluding sound 8)

$15.00 per small reel, $50 per large reel (+$2 per splice or leader if required) (Note: Large reels are composed of many smaller reels and might require many splices)

Source SD .MPG2 file, Trimmed SD .MPG2 File, Trimmed .MP4 file.


For more information contact the Freedman Center at 216-368-0932 or by emailing

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