The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship

Premium Services

In response to requests from the campus community, the Freedman Center offers Premium Services. These paid-services are designed to help patrons who have a need for the digitization of materials but lack the time to convert these resources themselves.

General Policies & Procedures

Premium Services are meant to be digitization services rather than creative services. The Freedman Center only offers to perform the process of digitization of analog media. While creative services such as making a DVD/CD menu or cropping and enchancing scanned slides or negative film are not availabile, Center staff are happy to assist in guiding you through the process of performing these processes yourself.

Hard Drive Policy

A blank hard drive is required for all Premium Service jobs to store files created during the digitization process. "Blank" is defined as a drive that is completely free of any files, as the Freedman Center staff may need to re-format the device. This action would clear off all files previously stored on the drive.

Copyright / Commericial Media Policy

The Freedman Center will not digitize material that is commerical-- this means either in full or small portions/excerpts. Only non-commercial media will be accepted for Premium Services.


All Premium Services carry a $10.00 minimum. When dropping off media, we will ask that you fill out an invoice with detail about the project. A manager will be in touch to give you an exact price for the service. See below for additional information on pricing and policies for specific media types.

Services We Offer

For more information contact the Freedman Center at 216-368-0932 or by emailing

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