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Video Equipment


Video Equipment at the Freedman Center takes three forms: things that you can use to capture events (recorders), things that you can use to playback previously recorded events, and things that transcode (convert analog signals to digital signals).

For the most part, the video equipment that records events is equipment that the Freedman Center loans--that is, you check it out like a book. The players are for use in the Freedman Center and are a part of multimedia creation or language learning.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or suggestions, drop us a line.

Sony_DCR-HC21_1 Sony Digital Video Cameras (9) 2 night loan, pick up in Freedman Center
The Freedman Center lends video cameras for 2 nights; so, you can capture footage on-site, at home, or whereever you need to go. Bring in your tape and we can help you put your video onto a DVD, into PowerPoint, or online. A tripod is also available for checkout. The Freedman Center provides three (3) Sony DCR-HC21 MiniDV Video; two (2) Canon Elura 100s; four (3) Canon ZR-800s; and one (1) Sony PAL/DCR-HC26.

Samsung_Sv5000W_1 Toshiba International DVD Player (10) in-Center use
Can't watch your DVD at home because it is from Europe or Asia? You can watch it here. All of our DVD players are region free. The Freedman Center uses the Toshiba SD-4960.

Toshiba SD-4960 International VHS Player (10) in-Center use
Do you have an old home video on VHS that your father filmed in Europe where he was born? You might not be able to watch it at home, but you can capture the film here and convert it to a DVD. The Freedman Center boasts the Samsung SV-5000W.

8mmCamera 8mm and Hi8 Video Player (1) in-Center use
We use this camera as an 8mm player for anyone that has older 8mm or Hi8 tapes that they would like to digitize. When we opened we did not have an 8mm camera. It was a common request so we decided to purchase one to help out those with 8mm film. The Freedman Center uses a Sony CCD-TRV338 Hi8 camcorder.

JVC_sr-vs30_1 JVC SR-VS30 MiniDV & VHS Player (4) in-Center use
Whether you captured your video using one of our MiniDV cameras or one of your own, you can bring in your MiniDV tape and digitize the video on one of our video workstations. The Freedman Center uses the JVC SR-VS30.

pioneerld-v8000_1 Laserdisc Player (1) in-Center use
When laserdiscs first came out a lot of content was made available on these large discs. We have one of the mammoth machines here for you to use.

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