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Poster Printing

Consultation, printing, and online scheduling makes poster creation easy for your class project, conference presentation, GIS map or personal artwork/photography project. KSL has a large format printer located in the Freedman Center (1st floor) and the expertise to share with you so you can have an excellent finished product!

NEW: Register for a free 1-hour workshop on March 19th or 20th to learn the "Basics of Making a Research Poster" through our CaseLearns program!

Printing is available by scheduling an appointment online OR by using our drop-off printing service!  You can drop off your ready to print file in-person at the Freedman Center and it will be printed within 48 hours!!  Payment should be made when you pick-up your printed poster.   Please note that we currently DO NOT accept credit or debit card payments.

The large format printer in the CSGD may be used by any member of the CWRU community, including ALUMNI for map and poster printing.  Research posters, artwork, photography, signage, and personal poster projects are acceptable.  Appointments are available between 9:00am-5:00pm, (please check the Appointment Calendar for available days/times) or you may use the Freedman Center drop-off service. appointmentcalendar

If you do not have a CWRU, CIA, or CIM ID you will not be permitted to print here.  The only exceptions are visiting student researchers.

KSL also offers lamination services.  This service is by appointment only, and can be done for smaller posters and signs 24" wide or less.  See Payment Details below for more information.  

Poster Printing or Laminating Appointment Details:

  • Schedule an appointment via the online calendar. Appointments are on a first-come basis, there are no walk-in appointments.
  • For best selection of available times, schedule appointments at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Appointments are either 30 minutes or 1 hour.  If you schedule for a 1 hour appointment you will have time to review a draft and do minor editing.  Available appointment times are shown in GREY on the online calendar.
  • Be on time.  If you are more than 10 minutes late your appointment will be cancelled and you will be assessed a $5 fine to your library account.
  • NOTE: Your library account must be in good standing to use library services & poster printing. Check early, and clear fines with library staff at the Main Service Desk.
  • NOTE: No-Show charge: $5. Cancel by phone (216-368-8689) or email within 12 hours of your printing appointment to avoid a charge on your library account.



Poster Details:

  • Size: maximum width of 42", unlimited length.
  • Avoid dark, solid backgrounds. Dark backgrounds incur an additional $5-10 charge depending on poster length.
  • Posters can be emailed before the printing appointment or retrieved from email at the appointment. The poster can be also be brought to the appointment on a CD, USB drive or external hard drive.
  • Acceptable formats: PowerPoint (.ppt or .pptx), PhotoShop, Illustrator, Publisher, or .pdf file.
  • Caution: Avoid using .bmp, .gif, or Prism files on your poster, they may cause printing errors.  Save graphs and images into another file format when possible.

Payment Details & Pricing:

Pricing varies by size and background color. Payment must be made when you pick up your poster or at the conclusion of your printing appointment: cash, check, CaseOneCard (CaseCash deduction from your account), or Case SpeedType number (department/project account number).  NO CREDIT or DEBIT CARDS.

  • Gloss or Semi-Gloss Print Poster Prices:
    • $10 (24" or less length)
    • $20 (25" - 36" length)
    • $25 (37" - 42" length)
    • $35 (43" - 48" length)
    • $45 (49" - 56" length)
    • $60 (57" - 68" length)
    • Over 68" length: $10 each additional foot
  • Plain White Paper Prices:
    • $2  (24" or less length)
    • $4  (25" - 36" length)
    • $5  (37" - 42" length)
    • $6  (43" - 48" length)
    • $8  (49" - 56" length)
    • $10 (57" - 68" length)
    • Over 68" length: $2 each additional foot
  • Dark, solid background, any paper type:
    • $5 additional (48" length or less)
    • $10 additional (over 48" length)
  • Poster Tubes:
    • $5 (36")
    • $5 (42")
  • Lamination Services:
    • $1 per foot
    • Maximum width of 24"
    • 1.5 mil laminate only (thin & flexible)

More than just a printing service, KSL offers staff that is experienced in creating posters! You'll benefit from guidance on what fonts are effective, what elements work on large format posters, and assurance that the final resolution is correct for your project.

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