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The following links lead to websites containing audio files, vector packs, Photoshop brushes/brush packs, and fonts.  Some files on these websites may hold a copyright and/or usage agreement. At all times, please adhere to the requests by the author dictating the usage of your selected media.

Audio Files

Audio files can be edited at the basal level by using the open source Audacity software. It allows for audio transformation, splicing, and editing. Compatible with WAV, AIFF, FLAC, MP2, MP3 or Ogg Vorbis sound files.  SoundForge software is available in the Freedman Center.

 *Creative Commons also has access to videos and image files that you may need that are also open source!  


Vector Packs

Vector packs/icons are path-defined image files that are compatible with vector editing software; Adobe Illustrator is the most commonly used vector program. Inkscape, an open source vector editing software, can also display and create vector graphics.



Fonts can be created or edited in FontForge, a software designed for font synthesis and available for public domain to access free of charge.  Font file formats are varied, and certain machines (as well as software) will only recognize particular formats. Be sure that your font is the correct file type.



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