The Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship

Special Programs

Freedman Fellows Program

Awarded annually to full-time faculty, the Freedman Fellows Program identifies and supports scholarly projects that meet all of the following conditions, i.e., the projects are: (1) currently underway, (2) involve some corpus of data that is of scholarly or instructional interest (e.g., data sets, digital texts, digital images, databases), (3) involve the use of digital tools and processes, and (4) have clearly articulated project outcomes. This fellowship is supported by the College of Arts & Sciences, the Kelvin Smith Library, and the Freedman Fellows endowment established by Samuel B. and Marian K. Freedman.

To learn more about this award and its distinguished recipients, visit the Freedman Fellows Program site.

New Media Classes & Workshops

The Freedman Center promotes rich and innovative experiences in education and research at Case Western Reserve University by providing new media support and by facilitating projects and strategic alliances inside and outside the Case Western Reserve community.

We provide education through the CaseLearns program, a series of instructor-led workshops that promote knowledge of new media software and tools. We look to expand the available offerings of workshops in this series to keep current with the emerging technologies and concepts that surround new media and digital scholarship.

Future Connections Program

The Freedman Center is proud to participate in the Future Connections Program, a summer internship sponsored by University Circle Incorporated and a partnership with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. This program provides qualifying high school students the opportunity to spend four weeks learning and working on the campus of Case Western Reserve University (and other University Circle institutions) and four weeks to learn and earn with area businesses.

Each year, the Freedman Center involves the interns in projects that encourage them to research, write, coordinate, and execute the technical process of digital creation. Kelvin Smith Library staff support the learning of research methods, the gathering of materials, and the Freedman Center coordinates the capturing of multimedia and the execution of the production. The Freedman Center work with Future Connections is the paramount example of how teaching, learning, and multimedia experiences can effectively combine.

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